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Choosing a bedroom bench depends on your personal style but one thing is for certain – it will add convenience & sophistication to your lifestyle!

bench at the end of a bed

Are you constantly tossing your cheery collection of throw pillows in a pile on the floor before you go to sleep each night? Do you insist on propping precariously at the edge of your high mattress to tie your shoelaces or fasten the strap on a dainty sandal?

Or maybe you’re nervous because your dynamite outfit for tomorrow’s lunch interview is slowly being crushed by your over-stuffed closet (then it might also be time for a space-saving IKEA closet system!).

Give up the daily struggles and get yourself a bedroom bench at the end of your bed!

Indoor benches are the underdog of the furniture industry. Their slim shape and endless design options make them incredibly versatile for bedrooms, foyers, living rooms, and even dining rooms. They are honestly a secret weapon in the interior designer world. 

a bench at the end of a large bedframe

Bedroom design by Serena and Lily

Why are benches a good design choice?

Seating: Like I said, when you are tying your shoes or just need to sit for a few minutes before heading out, a simple bench is a great place to provide an extra seat in your room without having to have a full seating area. 

Storage: Many offer additional storage options. We love a good hidden storage space for extra blankets or sheets. A correctly placed bench at the end of a bed in small spaces is a huge design hack. 

Decor: Put simply, a bench at the foot of your bed really just finishes off the room. It gives your eye somewhere to rest and also covers the foot of your bedding making your master bedroom feel complete. 

Guest Room: When you have out-of-town guests with extra bags and luggage, a bench at the foot of the bed gives them extra space to open up their luggage. Especially if you don’t have empty dresser drawers for them to unpack their clothes, this gives them easy access to their clothes without them being on the ground. 

a bench at the end of a bed

Bedroom by Amanda Barnes Interiors

Types of benches? 

Upholstered Benches: These benches are great for adding extra seating in your room, especially if you have kids. This is the perfect spot for them to come sit and join you in your room. 

Wooden Benches: While a wood bench is a bit more cold in looks, they add a lot of visual interest in the bedroom. To warm it up, place a plush cushion or extra pillows on it with a cozy blanket. Wooden benches are great for a modern farmhouse vibe! 

Metal Benches: Again, not the most warm in design but in a modern design style they are stunning. Especially if you have silver or gold metal accents in your room already. 

Storage Benches: Small bedrooms are short on storage, so having a storage bench for extra storage is a huge value! Think of the extra sheets and blankets, or shoes you can store in here without having to overstuff your closets. 

Small Sofa Benches: These add a warm touch to the look of the room. If you have a lot of wood accents in the room already, a small sofa bench that’s upholstered will give your room a focal point and a sense of coziness. 

a collage of my favorite bedroom benches

1 // 2 // 3 // 4 // 5 // 6 // 7 // 8

a styled bedroom with a large bench in front of the bed

Bedroom by Studio McGee

My Quest for the Perfect Bench

Currently, I’m looking for a bedroom bench that works with our Pottery Barn end of the bed (the Raleigh bed in Gun Metal Gray).

Raleigh bed in Gun Metal Gray from Pottery Barn with a tall, upholstered headboard

There are many different styles of benches out there but I’ve rounded up a few of my favorites. Keep in mind you want to measure the width of the bed before you go shopping, the bench shouldn’t be wider than your bench. It’s better to have it be a couple of inches narrower than the bed for balance. 

A Little Less Heavy Metal

Gray upholstered bench with metal triangular legs

I love the shape of this Home Elegance Metal Base Bench but the metal legs are not my style. I love the tufted cushion top but I think wooden legs might work better with my design style. It’s a good idea to know what specific features you like and don’t like about a particular piece.

DIY is Always an Option

An upholstered grey bench with tapered, wooden legs

This bench is a real contender. I love the look of the nailhead trim and the swoop arm detail. I’m not crazy about the black legs but I could always paint them if they really bothered me. Feel free to take the current design and alter it to fit the look you love.

Wooden bench with grey tufted cushion and nailhead trim

This upholstered bench is beautiful in its simplicity. Everything from the color palette of the cushion to the nailhead trim is spot on. Everything except for the wood finish. I really have my heart set on something more weathered or with more personality.

Benches You Love to Love

Brown wicker bench with thick white cushion for seating

This Damascus Wicker Bench would not work in my bedroom at all. But it’s so beautiful that I had the share. I love rattan! This would be a great choice for a more coastal style room.

Light brown wicker bench with white wooden legs (no cushion)

Again, this Desideria Wicker Bench is stunning and wouldn’t look out of place in a Fixer Upper makeover! But alas, won’t work in my room!

A Rustic Treasure

Light brown wooden farmhouse bench with spindled back

This little country-style bench is irresistible. These natural wood tones are very on-trend for home decor. I also love that wooden benches bring warmth to the modern farmhouse style. I might want this for my hallway instead. Or my kitchen. Or under the window in my living room? The possibilities are endless! 

Could This Be the One?

Medium gray upholstered chair with arms and 1 rolled cushion on either side (no back)

Finally, this roll-armed bench from Jennifer Taylor would add the perfect touch of elegance and luxury to anyone’s bedroom!

End of Bed Benches Under $350

a collage of my favorite bedroom benches under $350

1 // 2 // 3 // 4 // 5 // 6 // 7 // 8

Bedroom benches should complement the pieces of furniture you currently have and fit with your sense of style. Explore different colors and materials and don’t be afraid to change it up with a little DIY tutorial on how to paint furniture.

Now that you’ve seen the possibilities, stop dreaming and start shopping!

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  1. Aarsun Woods says:

    So lovely designs… Thanks for sharing.

  2. I love the one with the nail heads and swoop arm. Can you tell me where you found that?? Thanks!!

    1. Hi Lenna – all the links are in the post!

  3. Stephanie D. says:

    I love the first one with the metal base, I have been into mixing the metals and distressed woods together lately. For your room, I love the Elements bench, I know you said you were wanting the top to be gray to tie in with your bed, but maybe you could add a throw on it that matches your bed…would that work?

    1. I love the one with the metal base too…it would have worked perfectly in our first home. I agree with the Elements one and I was thinking of a throw blanket or pillow to tie the colors together. Thanks for the suggestion!