Add a wood plank ceiling to any room to add sophistication and character to the space, no matter what your ceiling height!

Most people don’t realize this but there is a fifth wall in your home – and it’s one that’s often neglected.

This fifth wall that I speak of is the ceiling! Adding interest in a space where you least expect it can be a show-stopping way to take your decor to the next level.

I recently wrote a post all about adding architectural interest to a builder basic home and briefly mentioned ceilings. But many of you were intrigued by the idea of accentuating your ceilings to add character to rooms in your home.

Let’s have a look at some beautiful possibilities:

Vaulted wood planked ceiling in large room with earth tones

Wood Plank Ceiling

It doesn’t matter what you have – low ceilings, high ceilings or vaulted ceilings – there’s a style for you.

And did you know there’s actually a solution for covering that nasty popcorn texture you’ve got going on up there? With products like what I’m about to share, you can skip the messy scraping and get straight to enjoying a beautiful ceiling!

Options for Low(er) Height Ceilings

The last thing you want is to feel like your ceiling is looming down on top of you. Adding major details to this overlooked area is great but not at the expense of claustrophobia, right?!

My favorite options for lower height ceilings are beadboard and white wood planks.

Normally, we apply white beadboard to walls (see my bathroom) but it’s sublime on ceilings! It’s visually narrower than wood planks and it works well in smaller spaces as well as bigger spaces.

The white, slightly reflective, finish helps to bounce light around the room, making it an excellent choice for lower height ceilings.

Kitchen and dining nook with many floral arrangements, pendant lights and white beadboard ceiling
Wood planks in between gray-painted wood beams
Wider, rustic white planks in a farmhouse-style living room with barn door styled entrance

For more of a farmhouse or rustic design, wider planks in this country cottage are the perfect choice. Each plank has a rustic grain finish that adds a cozy feel to your room.

White wood planked ceiling in coastal-themed living room

Tall or Vaulted Ceilings

If you’re lucky enough to have tall ceilings, you have endless design options!

Use wide planks or beadboard to match your decorating style or completely contrast with what’s already happening in your space.

Stained wood planks in natural brown shade, offsetting a grey stone fireplace wall
Wide, staggered planks in brown-painted kitchen, with light coming in from bright windows over sink area
Natural wood stained planks in vaulted ceiling add character to tall stone fireplace wall and paned windows

Other Benefits of Ceiling Planks

  • Prefinished, natural wood-grain look (needs no sanding, staining or sealing)
  • Great for covering damaged drywall, plaster or popcorn ceilings
  • Beveled tongue and groove edge minimizes the appearance of gaps during normal expansion and contraction
  • Staggered installation means minimal waste

The planks are beautiful in person and are thick and solid for sure. I’m instantly drawn to the white and gray. Which is your favorite?

Natural and gray finishes for planked ceilings
White finishes for a planked ceiling
Natural wood finishes for a planked ceiling

Adding character to your home goes beyond what you see in front of you – you should also consider what you see when you look up.

Many don’t consider the “fifth wall” as their first choice when adding interest to a room, but now, YOU have the tools and tips to make an amazing transformation where they least expect it!

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