Build a Snack Stadium for The Big Game + a Giveaway

Are you getting amped up for the Superbowl? Whether your team is playing or  not (no Patriots this year!) I’m sure you will be whipping up some delicious food to enjoy either the big game itself or, like me, the ads :-)

Do you have favorite foods that you make every year are you just a pizza and chips kind of family? Well, whatever foods you usually make, I have a new snack that is sure to delight everyone and that just might become a Game Day staple!


DIY Snack Stadium - Celebrate the Big Game in style with a large tray of dip and vegetables and chips all around

Super cool right? Kids and adults alike love it and the best part is that it’s super quick to make.

A large, empty foil tray set on top of a white platter with chips, crackers and vegetables around the edges

What you’ll need:

  • 2 foil cake pans (you can do it with one but it’s easier to do the dips separately then place in the first pan)
  • Serving platter
  • Assorted veggies (I used baby carrots and celery)
  • Pringles (Zesty Salsa Tortillas and BBQ are my faves!)
  • Cheese Its 
  • Pretzels
  • Guacamole
  • Another dip(s) of your choice
  • Sour cream

Four steps to making a snack stadium: an empty foil pan, adding the vegetables and chips around the border of a larger tray, making the dips and then combining both containers

The steps are very straightforward as you can see above.

1. Put your first cake pan on a serving platter

2 Arrange your veggies and chips around it.

3. In the second cake pan create the football field using guacamole and whatever other dips you chose. You could also keep it all green by sticking soley to the guac. Using a piping bag, draw the white lines onto the field. Hopefully you have a steadier hand than I do :-)

4. Put the second cake pan into the first one and voila – you have a snack stadium!

A close up of the corner of the foil tray showing two types of dip and the vegetables along the border of the lower tray

A rectangular foil tray with various dips, set on top of a large tray with vegetables and chips all around

A foil tray holding various dips to look like a football field, set on top of a larger tray holding chips, crackers and vegetables along the edges

So easy to make and looks pretty cool too, right?

I am so excited to be participating in a Super Bowl Recipe Exchange with several incredible bloggers! Here are their recipes to round out your Super Bowl 50 menu!

Not only am I sharing with you these great recipes, but I am also excited to offer my readers an opportunity to win a $100 gift card courtesy of Wayfair! You could choose from one of their MANY slow cookers , or any one of a million other things that will make your Super Bowl Party the biggest winner of the night! 
The giveaway is open until the winner of the Super Bowl is crowned.

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