Whoop! Whoop! I finished my first ever Pinterest Challenge! Go team me!   Taking inspiration from these burlap wreaths, I DIYed a wreath of my own.

I purchased a foam wreath and some burlap from JoAnns (holla I had a coupon too!).  I picked up a yard of natural burlap and 1 foot of the blue one.

This DIY burlap wreath project starts with a Styrofoam ring and plain burlap fabric

I cut the burlap into strips and hot glued the first piece to the foam ring.

Use hot glue to secure the base pieces of burlap to the foam wreath ring

Then I wrapped the burlap around the ring, ensuring that the edges were evenly spaced.

The foam wreath ring completely covered with burlap fabric

I used about three-quarters of the burlap to completely cover the ring.

Hot glue burlap fabric pieces to the styrofoam wreath ring

That stuff sheds like a cat! Maybe I should have picked a higher quality burlap!?!

Burlap fabric sheds so be prepared to get a little messy!

Anywho…using the blue burlap I made some flowers to accent the wreath.

Blue burlap fabric I used to make accent flowers for my burlap wreath

To make the flowers I cut a petal template from a piece of stiff card.  I drew one side and folder it over and traced the other side so that the template was somewhat even.   I cut out 5 of these from the blue burlap (You could do 6 or 7 for a fuller flower). I pinched them in the middle and stitched it to just keep it from falling apart.

I used stiff cardstock to make a flower petal template

This part is my favorite – I made some fabric covered buttons for the flower (using scrap material that I had).

I used these 3 Half Ball Cover Buttons for the center of my flowers Small silver buttons are perfect for the center of your burlap accent flowers
Use a small piece of fabric to cover the small button I used hot glue to cover a small button in fabric for the center of my flower

These are my new favorite thing! So easy and so effective!

This adorable fabric covered button is perfect for the center of our burlap flowers

Then, the button got hot-glued to the flower and the flower got hot-glued to the wreath.

Attach the burlap flowers to the wreath with a few drops of hot glue

It was still missing something, so I made another flower. This time I used the rest of the scrap fabric that I had (you might recognize it from the chair in the master bedroom!)

Add as many burlap flowers as you'd like to your diy burlap wreath

This super simple DIY burlap wreathe is perfect for your front door

Aaaaaand that’s how it went down!  Here’s a little cost breakdown:

  • 1 yard of natural burlap: $3.99 (I had a 40% off coupon so I got $1.60 off that price)
  • 1 foot of blue burlap: $1.33
  • Covered button kit: $3.79
  • Styrofoam ring: $5.00
  • Fabric scraps: Free!
  • Total cost: $10.12  

Don’t forget to check out some of the original wreaths on Pinterest!

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