Along with pregnancy comes baby brain. Clumsiness and general forgetfulness abound. I’ve stopped counting the number of times I’ve misplaced my keys in the past month. My solution? Make a DIY key holder and finally have a designated spot to hang them. I think I can *just* about remember to put them in the same spot every time!

DIY key holder | a quick project to restore your sanity!
DIY key holder | a quick project to restore your sanity and get you organized!

I think this project took me a total of 20 minute to do – it’s that easy!  

What You’ll Need For Your DIY Key Holder

A natural plank of wood, 3 grey pieces of wood with hooks attached and 2 cans of stain nearby
  • A scrap piece of wood cut to whatever size you want
  • Hooks (I got these cute hexagon ones from the Dollar Spot at Target)
  • Stain or Paint
  • Sandpaper
  • Wood Glue (depending on the type of hooks you purchase [like these] you may just have to screw them in)
  • Sawtooth hanger
A close-up of 2 cans of wood stain from Minwax

The first thing I did after my wood had been cut to size was lightly sand the edges. This totally optional, but rounding the edges gives the wood a more finished look.

A plank of wood, stained brown, with wood glue and 3 hexagonal grey wooden pieces with hooks attached

I used a mixture of my two favorite stains – Dark Walnut and Classic Gray to create a rustic effect on the wood. I did the same technique as when I made my Rustic Faux Pallet Picture Frames.

The edge of a wood plank on a rustic, white-washed board background, with glue and a hook nearby

Then all I did was take my hooks, apply some wood glue to the back of each hexagon and place them on the wood. I let the glue dry for 24 hours before doing anything else.

A short wooden plank with hexagonal gray wood pieces with pegs/hooks attached

Finally, I attached a sawtooth hanger to the back of the wood and hung it up in my mudroom! Because I used supplies I already owned, this little project cost me a whopping $3 (for the hooks) out of pocket! 

Get organized with a DIY key holder

My sanity has at least been partially restored! Now if I could just stop tripping over my feet and stubbing my toes…

DIY key holder | a quick project to restore your sanity!
Rectangular plank stained in light brown, with three light grey hexagonal wood pieces with single hooks attached, one holding a bunch of keys

Simple Key Holder

Active Time: 1 hour
Total Time: 1 hour

When your house keys know all the best places to hide in your handbag, bring them out into the light with this handy holder!


  • A scrap piece of wood cut to whatever size you want
  • Hooks
  • Stain or paint
  • Wood glue
  • Sawtooth hanger


  • Sandpaper


    1. Lightly sand the edges of the wood to give it a rounded, finished look.
    2. Apply stain to the wood and let dry.
    3. Insert hooks or if attached to wood bases, glue into place.
    4. Attach the sawtooth hanger to the back of the wood.

Don’t forget it!

pin for later!
Check one more thing off your organization resolutions with this simple and cheap DIY key holder

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