Have you ever walked by the window display at Pottery Barn and stared longingly at their stunning floor mirrors? I certainly have… but once seeing the price tag, I knew that several hundred dollars was simply out of my budget and it was time to create a DIY mirror that was more wallet-friendly.

Pottery Barn Santorini Mirror
Pottery Barn Santorini Mirror

With less than $30, and the repurposing of some household materials, I was able to make that elegant mirror mine. With a few simple steps you too can create this gorgeous DIY floor mirror for your home.

Gathering Materials and Getting Started

What You’ll Need:

  • A cheap rectangular mirror
  • Large piece of wood (an old tabletop is perfect!)
  • Trim pieces to match the width and length of the tabletop

Since I already had one of those junky $5 mirrors in my bedroom, that was the mirror piece sorted (don’t have a mirror on hand? Target has just what you need for $6!).  

We used to have a solid wood table in our laundry room that we inherited with the house. We took it apart about a year ago, but I wouldn’t let my husband throw it out. With my love of DIY (check out my other DIY projects), I knew it would come in handy one day! With the table top and mirror… my vision started to come to life:

DIY Floor-mirror: $5 mirror set on wooden table with white wooden frame


  1. Cut the trim: First, I created the 45 degree angles on the trim using my miter box.  If you don’t own one of these yet, it’s a must buy.  They cost about $20 and you can get them at any major home improvement store.
Using a miter box to create 45 degree angles to frame the floor-mirror.
A miter box is an easy way to cut angles in wood

2. Attach the Trim: Using liquid nails as well as some trim nails, I secured the trim in place. I used wood glue to secure the mirror in the center of the table top.

Calking the wooden frame to create a clean finish for the floor-mirror.

3. Caulk The Seams: Then, I caulked everything to get a clean, sealed look. When it comes to caulking, fingers and a damp cloth are your best friend. Swiping a finger down the length of the area you just caulked will give you a perfectly smooth line. Similarly, if the caulk has started to dry and it’s not smooth and even, wipe a damp cloth down the length and it will do the trick.

Wooden table used for setting the floor-mirror.

4. Prime: Once the caulk was dry (about an hour later) I taped off the mirror and sanded and primed everything:

Sanding and priming the frame of the floor-mirror.

5. Paint: After debating between a white and silver finish, I decided to buy silver spray paint and coated the surface with three coats.  The trick to getting a good finish here is to go light and easy. Three thin coats is better than one thick, gloopy, streaky coat.

Note: I learned a lesson with this process and want you to learn from my mistakes. When using metallic spray paint DO NOT finish with a clear coat! It completely gets rid of the metallic finish and turns it a dull gray. Trust me on this… it will save you from having to sand and repaint.

The Result

Final product of the DIY $30 Mirror | Wife in Progress
Before and after shot of elegant DIY floor-mirror

DIY Mirror: The Cost Break-down

  • Mirror: $5.99
  • Trim: $18
  • Caulk: Already owned
  • Primer: Already owned
  • Silver spray paint: $4.98
  • Table top: Already owned

Total: $28.97

Making that $499 floor-mirror for under $30; I’d consider this DIY floor mirror a major success!

A large, floor-length silver mirror leaning against a light blue wall

DIY Floor Mirror

Yield: 1

Create your own Pottery Barn look-alike floor mirror for under $30!


  • Basic Floor Mirror
  • Trim
  • Liquid nails/trim nails
  • Wood Glue
  • Sand paper
  • Spray paint


  • Miter Box
  • Caulking gun and tube


    1. Lay your mirror on top of your wood base
    2. Using a miter box, create 45 degree angles on the trim
    3. Secure the trim in place with liquid nails and trim nails
    4. Secure the mirror in the center of the wood with wood glue
    5. Caulk everything for a smooth, sleek look
    6. Wait an hour for the caulk to dry, then tape off your mirror before sanding and priming
    7. Apply 3 coats of spray paint, go light and easy here!

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