DIY Painted Tile Coasters

Are you looking for a fun set of painted tile coasters for your coffee table?  How about a thoughtful and personalized hostess gift?  DIY painted coasters are the perfect project for you!

These hand painted coasters are so simple to make; you could easily have your kids help you, or have them make them themselves.  Did I mention, they may even be the cheapest project ever?

Painted Tile Coaster Ideas

One of the great things about these painted tile coasters is that there are endless ways to decorate them. You can embellish them with an extravagant pattern, or keep them as simple as you like. Some of my favorite decorating ideas include:

  • Geometric patterns (stripes, diagonal lines, simple/crisp shapes)
  • Watercolor inspired
  • Nature influenced (think florals, leaves, seasonal)
  • Polka dots
  • Monograms
  • Letting your kids get creative!

Materials for DIY Painted Tile Coasters

painted tiles materials
  • White 4 x 4 ceramic tiles (I picked mine up at Lowes for 16c a piece)
  • Painters tape
  • Multi-surface acrylic paint ( I love the Americana multi-surface in the satin finish)
  • Small felt pads (or a piece of felt)

How to Make Painted Coasters

  1. Tape off a section of the tile to create your design. I kept my design geometric (think stripes and diagonals).
  2. Paint the untaped section of the tiles and let it dry.  Paint as many coats as you need until you achieve the desired coverage (I used 3 coats of the color “night sky” for this set). taped off ceramic tile
  3. Once the painted section is dry, remove the tape and with a contrasting color paint the remaining part of the tile.  Bright colors contrast nicely against navy so I chose chartreuse, hot pink, turquoise and chose to leave one tile white for this set.
    (The chartreuse photographs bright yellow but it’s really a great green shade and the pink is much more vibrant and neon than pictured too).DIY painted tile coasters featuring geometric designs
  4. Once dry, add some felt or felt pads to the bottom corners of your painted coaster so that the ceramic tiles don’t scratch whatever surface they are placed on and spray with a coat of sealer.
  5. If your hand painted coasters are a gift, stack them and wrap some twine around them for presentation.
DIY tile coasters wrapped in twine
DIY Painted Tile Coasters

Simple, affordable, and easy! Grab your paintbrush and acrylic paint and start designing your new hand painted coasters!

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DIY painted tile coasters

DIY Painted Coasters

With acrylic paint create your own set of adorable hand painted coasters to dress up your coffee table or to deliver as the perfect hostess gift!


  • White 4" x 4" ceramic tiles
  • Painter's tape
  • Multi-surface acrylic paint
  • Small felt pads


  • Paintbrush


    1. Tape off a section of the ceramic tile to great your design
    2. Paint the untaped section. Paint as many coats as you need until you achieve the desired coverage (I recommend 3 coats).
    3. Once dry, remove the tape and paint the unpainted section with the desired color.
    4. When dry, add felt to the bottom corners to prevent the coasters from scratching surfaces.
    5. If you're presenting as a gift, stack them up and wrap twine around them.

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