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After spending the past week on vacation with my family in Disney World, I’m back again with more Fixer Upper Style copycats – this time featuring some of the show’s beautiful Farmhouse Kitchen makeovers.  If you didn’t catch the first part of this series, I’ve already shared how to copy the look of some of the show’s most stunning living room transformations.

Once again, I’ve done all the research for you. I’ve picked 7 of my favorite Fixer Upper Farmhouse Kitchens and found 50+ copycat items so that you can achieve a similar look in your own home.

Get that farmhouse kitchen style from your favorite show, Fixer Upper! This is the best source of farmhouse decor for your kitchen!

The main images are all photos from the show, with copycat items shown directly below.

All photos via HGTV

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There are several elements you will almost always see in a  Fixer Upper Style Farmhouse Kitchen…

Beautiful Architectural Details

In this instance you can see how the corbels frame the kitchen.  Simple architectural elements like this really make the kitchen look custom and very special.

Everything about this kitchen is perfect. Yes, it has farmhouse kitchen style but it’s also contemporary.

Copy this amazing Fixer Upper Farmhouse Style kitchen with these 50+ copycat picks!

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Rustic Wood

This kitchen showcases Joanna’s love for weathered, rustic wood. Not only is the famous shiplap treatment in full effect but both the island and vent hood are wrapped in a beautifully rustic, stained wood.  The industrial style shelving and white subway tile really help to pull the look together and stop the wood from being “too much”, per se.

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A Statement Wall

More often than not, Joanna’s statement wall will consist of shiplap but she’s not afraid to take design risks either. Here, an entire wall is tiled with a beautiful encaustic cement tile. The busy pattern is broken up and nicely grounded by the industrial style shelving on either side of the hood.  The rest of the design is clean, with straight lines to help soften the look.

Don’t be afraid of a busy tile. If you keep the rest of the elements simple it will be an amazing focal point in your room – whether it’s a wall or a floor (like my powder room).

A kitchen with lower grey cabinets and floating shelves of dishes/mugs instead of upper cabinets, and a white island with wicker stools

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 White Subway Tile

Did you know that subway tile is pretty much the cheapest tile you can buy? That’s great news, especially when it looks so amazing run from counter to ceiling, just like in this kitchen. The Farmhouse Kitchen look is known for a contrasting gray grout, but if you want a more contemporary look, white grout looks stunning, too.

The kitchen is great place to bring pops of color in. By adding some mugs on a cute rack or even some pitchers or vases, you can bring in colors from adjoining rooms to give a cohesive feel to your home.

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 Pairing Wood with Metal

Wood and metal is the cornerstone of a industrial farmhouse kitchen look. These stools are beautiful and really help to break up the all-white kitchen. Galvanized metal accents add a perfect industrial feel without being too cold.

I love this farmhouse kitchen and now I know where to buy copycat items thanks to this post from Wife in Progress!

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 Vintage Touches

The vintage kitchen scales and pitchers in this kitchen are the perfect finishing touches of decor. Don’t be afraid to scour local thrift stores and yard scales and incorporate your finds into your farmhouse kitchen.

The beams in this space are also another example of special architectural details. They can easily be added as faux beams for not a lot of money (see this tutorial from Jenna Sue Design).

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A Warm Space Where Family Wants to Gather

Everyone always ends up in the kitchen, right? So make it a space where you want to be. Create a space you love!

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I hope I’ve provided some design inspiration for your own Fixer Upper style farmhouse kitchen. As always, if you have any questions, please drop me a line in the comments below!

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  1. Oh! Also, my 9×12 expensive living room rug also has all the colors my chairs have ! A lot of the red, tan-ish gold, & a very little bit of the light turquoise.. I have lighter hardwood floors that my husband installed a couple of years ago.. I didn’t mention my kitchen that was updated about 5 years ago with mostly tan, beige, brown & a bit of gray in the backsplash & granite countertops that blend nicely & stainless steel appliances.

  2. Gosh, I’ve made so many mistakes! Is there a way I can send pictures for advice on how to fix my mess? I LOVE your living room & the colors! My biggest problem is I spent $1300 per chair on 2 chairs that have a lot of red, tan, a bit of lighter turquoise which is a very busy morracan print. I ordered a nice red leather chair & my older sofa & loveseat are dark brown.. with 2 kids in college..just ones’ tuition is $10,000 per semester..???? HOW on earth can I possibly very cheaply fix my mess? I’m stuck with those chairs! My whole house was painted a warm off white.. or very pale soft butter color!???? How do I decorate with wanting to use the light denim blue colors like on your sofa.. I’d have light denim in every room if I could.. I love the Robin egg blue! It’s my happy color! But at this point, we can’t afford to paint the entire house blue .. How can I decorate around these walls & my reds in my living room to get into my happy color a little at a time? I do have 2 bedrooms that have mostly white bedding, and one has some denim shams, throw pillows, & a denim bedskirt..(wish I could lighten that up a bit????) with white down comforters.. my bedroom was recently updated with gray & white bedding but still the butter color walls. The 3rd bedroom has mostly white bedding but brown shams & decorative pillows. So basically-brown & white! I only recently discovered my “color pallet” that makes me happy.. Most everything has warm tones.. which I’m not adverse to but how can I incorporate the soft blues with these busy- mostly red morrocan chairs in my small living room? I know blue looks ok with red.. my love for red came from my mother in law who used red & blue a lot.. She had tons of flow blue & blue willow.. I have quite a lot of it in my attic.. She was an interior design decorator & if she were alive today, I would ask for her opinion. I saved all of my blue willow thinkng I might use it some day.. not sure now!???? Since I love the robin egg blue I’ve read on Pinterest you can paint leather sofas! But I’d be in serious trouble if I ruined them! I’d love for them to be a linen or a bit darker..(light khaki) color. ..
    I recently painted my kitchen cabinets a very light taupe. Definitely better????
    As you can see, I’ve made so many costly mistakes & I am just not content..I can’t get that robin egg blue off of my mind.???? Any advise you can give me? I love your blog!❤️

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