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Have you always wondered how to paint furniture? Or do you have a piece of furniture that you want to paint but are dreading all the prep work that must be done beforehand? You know, sanding, priming, painting, sanding some more? UGH! It’s enough to make you give up before you’ve even started!

How about if I told you that you can skip ALL of those steps and end up with beautifully painted furniture? That’s right – no sanding, priming and a perfect brushstroke-free finish.

Have you heard about Velvet Finishes yet? It’s a revolutionary new paint line that makes painting furniture a cinch. Like, seriously, it’s completely foolproof, idiot proof….every single time!

A clear jar of Velvet Finishes blue paint

Velvet Finishes was created by interior designer Kellie Smith after not finding the finish and color palette she was seeking for a client. There are 21 amazing highly saturated colors in the line and the finish is that of a low matte sheen – like velvet!

The color I chose was handsome which is a dark blue but not quite a navy. And handsome it is. I took an old beat up dresser from this…

A wooden chest of drawers with a large mirror, metal candle holders and a small, beige clock

to this… in less than two hours

Must pin! How to paint furniture and get perfect results!

Velvet Finishes patent-pending formula is a DIYer’s dream. If you want to know how to paint furniture the right way, you’ll want to buy this paint!

It’s super easy to use with minimal prep (that means no sanding!!!) and no waxing. I just gave it a quick wipe-down to remove any dust.

The darker colors tend to be thicker than the lighter.  If you want to thin the paint simply add water. Apply thin, even coats and allow paint to dry thoroughly before applying another coat.  Never apply more than 3 coats in 24 hours. 

Instructions are on the website and can be downloaded for printing. 

Did I mention you do not need to wax??  WooHoo!!

Kellie had told me that it would not leave any brush marks upon drying, so, despite the (wise) advice of applying thin coats I decided to really test to power of this paint and literally sloshed it on quickly thickly and probably not that evenly. Here’s some video evidence to prove it:


(Yes, the quality is awful. I tried to paint with one hand and record with the other.
It doesn’t work. But you get the idea!)

 Even with such aggressive application, the final finish is, well, velvety. There is not a brush stroke in sight:

Want to know how to paint furniture? Velvet finishes is your answer!

I picked up some new (and cheap) drawer handles on Ebay. I love how the brass looks against the blue.  I also picked up some faux flowers at AC Moore (on sale!). Pink is another amazing color against this shade of blue.

How to Paint Furniture and get beautiful results with no prep!
Foolproof Painted Dresser

I really love this paint. If you’ve never painted furniture before, go this route. It’s 100% foolproof and is guaranteed to provide richly-pigmented results in only a couple of coats.

Think this blue is handsome? Some of the 20 other shades are pretty fantastic too. You’re going to be majorly crushing on this line up:

A group of tall, clear jars holding various shades of Velvet Finishes paint

Custom colors are easily achieved with recipes available on the website!

It’s so nice when a quick project can make such a huge transformation. My guest room feels much brighter and fun now! 

Coral Guest Room Makeover

Which Velvet Finishes paint color is your favorite? What furniture item would you like to makeover in your chosen color? 


  Thinking of a dramatic color change? Check out my other Velvet Finishes makeover using the color Exotic which includes tips on using the PROTECT and PROTECT products!


This fun rocking chair was painted with a custom mix of Velvet Finishes paints. Check out all the details here.

A wooden, green rocking chair holding a stuffed animals


If you found this information helpful, you should download my FREE guide to perfectly painted furniture. It details all the steps I used here as well as other furniture I painted using Velvet Finishes – all in a printer friendly format!

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  1. I have a dresser and nightstand that I painted using chalk paint and wax. Will this paint cover or do I need to sand off the wax?

  2. How is the paint holding up? Chips? Dents? I want to try it but don’t want my China cabinet to look bad after a couple of years

    1. Hi Mallory,

      It looks the same as the day I painted it! It IS in my guest room, though so it doesn’t get a ton of use. I also painted a coffee table in my living room that gets A LOT of use (and gets wiped down every day). I never even added a coat of poly like I had anticipated doing, since it’s in such a high use area, and it’s still holding up amazingly well! Honestly, most products eventually end up disappointing me but Velvet Finishes really does live up to the hype!

      1. Chris Couch - Empire Services of Ga says:

        Hi Jena!! Does it sand easily? Just as an idea I will try some on a piece of poplar and do three different colors, sand the edges with 180 just to give it an antique look with a smooth finish. I have done this with acrylic urethane. But our product is not for the diy however I believe this would be a better product for an inspirational project for the handy homeowner!!

        1. Hi Chris, yes it does sand easily. I distressed the edges of this coffee table painted with VF and it sanded very nicely. I hope that helps!