Do you have a home decorating question? I’d love to help! “Ask a Decorator” is an online decorating consultation that will help you with a specific decorating question that you may have.

This service is designed to answer one decorating question you have about a specific detail in a space and to provide you with actionable solutions. For example:

  • How can I update my fireplace to work with my budget?
  • What shade of gray would work best for this room?
  • How can I incorporate a new color in this room?
  • What color should I paint the trim in my room?
  • Can you help me choose an area rug for my living room?
  • I can’t change the tiles in my bathroom; what color scheme would help pull it all together?
  • How can I style this sideboard so that it looks cohesive with the rest of my space?
  • Which throw pillow looks best with my existing decor?

Maybe you’ve decorated your room but it’s not quite right. Sometimes you just need a fresh eye to help bring it to the finish line!

This service perfect for you if you are on a limited budget, don’t need a full virtual room makeover or custom design boards but just a little help in the right direction.

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Start by emailing with your question and any photos or videos of the space that would be helpful, then submit payment directly below. I will promptly review your provided information and photos, then email you with your personalized consultation. Simple!


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Ask a Decorator Consultation: $25


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