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I’m back with my final blog hop of the season, and this time I’m sharing my Hot Chocolate Bar for Christmas.

We’re under half a foot of snow here in the Boston suburbs, so why don’t you dust those flakes off your coat and come on in out of the cold!

A two-story home with white siding and a red door, on a snowy day
A two-story home with white siding and a red door, on a snowy day

This past Saturday, I decided on a whim to add a hot chocolate bar to my kitchen. Hey, it’s the season for it, right?

What a cute little hot chocolate bar for Christmas. Simple and fun!

I received this awesome sliding door cabinet from Kirkland’s a few weeks ago. It was meant to be for another blog hop but there was a delay so I needed to find a new home for it. I instantly knew it would be the perfect place to set up this little station. Doesn’t it have so much farmhouse charm?

A quick setup for a last minute hot chocolate bar for Christmas

I corralled all my fixings plus some cute Rae Dunn mugs into my tiered tray and proceeded to make myself a marshmallow loaded peppermint hot chocolate. Trying to take photos before I drank the whole thing was very difficult!

Hot chocolate bar for Christmas
I love these Rae Dunn mugs! They are perfect for a hot chocolate bar for Christmas

For those that are not huge hot chocolate fans, one – are you serious!? and two – I’ve added some peppermint mochas for you to enjoy instead!

How delicious does this hot chocolate bar for Christmas look?

Mmmm..everything tastes better with a whole lot of mini marshmallows piled on top! Oh, and those chocolate and marshmallow stirrers? Delish! You can pick them up at your local HomeGoods.

This is a simple idea for a hot chocolate bar for Christmas

The DIY chalkboard is playing host to my first ever attempt at hand lettering. It’s not perfect, but it’s not too shabby either. I created the letters on my computer, then printed it off to copy. If you don’t think you’ll be able to copy just from looking at it, this is a great tip for easy chalkboard lettering. Plus, you can download my image here.

Hot chocolate bar for Christmas

You don’t need a whole lot of fancy stuff to set up the perfect hot chocolate bar for Christmas – just a little imagination!

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  1. jordanpkahn says:

    First off, your home looks like something out of a movie! And secondly, that coffee bar is perfection…. I’ll be right over!!