TGIF, Friends!

Now that all the Christmas decor has been put away (well, most of it anyway) I thought it would be fun to show you how I’m decorating for the winter months. Today I’m sharing my living room and I will share the dining room and bedrooms next week.

A living room with a large sofa with blue and white pillows, a large white coffee table with potted plants, and a trio of rustic wooden photo frames on the wall

My color scheme always consists of blue/gray/beige with some pops of green, so there’s nothing new with the colors in this room really. Now that all of Cian’s toys have their own home in the basement playroom (and not behind my couch) I was able to add a console table behind there which has really finished the space off nicely.

A large grey sofa with blue and white pillows, a large window in the background, and various decor items on a table near the window

Usually my solid print pillows are closer to a navy color but I’m loving this denim blue that I’m seeing everywhere lately. It’s cooler and more “bleached” looking – perfect for winter.

The end of the living room sofa, with a solid blue pillow, a horizontal striped blue and white pillow and a white pillow, with a white blanket tucked underneath

A living room with a light grey sofa, blue and white throw pillows and a white blanket and various potted plants in white pots nearby

White pillows and a chenille throw blanket help keep the wintery whites on point, too.

A sofa with pillows, and a person in the background adjusting decor items on a console table behind the sofa, in front of a large window

A light blue vase of white flowers, a clear glass lantern with a white candle, resting on a stack of books and a little decor trinket with the word \'hello\'

Again, more of the denim/bleached blue look coming through in this vase. I also got one in the larger size and placed it on my sideboard. The colors work so well in this room.

A narrow table behind the sofa, with a vase of flowers, a photo frame, and a glass candle holder on a stack of books

A stack of books, holding a metal object with the word \'hello\' and a silver and glass candle holder

Have you seen this little gold signs in the Target dollar spot? What a steal for $3 and they are so cute! I picked up one that says XOXO, too.

The end of a light grey sofa, with a group of blue and white pillows and a white throw, near a blue cabinet in the corner.

A tall jug with gradient blue to white pattern, holding sprigs of greenery, near a wood-framed blackboard

If you are in the market for the world’s most amazing scented candle, this one from D.L & Co. is literally to-die-for. I have the bergamot scented one and I burn it every single evening. Amazing!

A living room with a light grey sofa, off-white wooden coffee table, 3 wooden photo frames on the wall and a large light blue area rug

My rustic faux pallet picture frames are still one of my favorite ever DIYs. They look so good over the couch!

Three small white pots holding green plants on a white, rectangular coffee table in a living room

Our coffee table was made by Brian’s uncle. It was originally stained but I painted last year and love the creamy off-white color in this room.

A sofa with a blue striped throw pillow, rustic photo frames above, and a group of small house plants in white pots resting on a coffee table in front

Rustic wooden frames with family portraits above the living room sofa

A corner of the living room with a tall plant in a floor-level blue pot, near a dark brown, wooden side table holding a large silver lamp with white lampshade by a window

I added popped my faux Fiddle Leaf into a cute blue basket to tie in with all the other blues. I bought the basket not knowing what I would do with it but I think this is the perfect spot for it!

A large houseplant resting on the floor, near an end table with a silver and white lamp, by the sofa

A woman adjusting throw pillows on the sofa in the living room

I’m over 29 weeks pregnant now – the belly is in full bloom! I’ve a feeling this little man may be as large as his big brother was. Also randomly, my hair got really dark with both my pregnancies. Well, what I consider dark – my hair is usually really light blonde but turns almost sandy during pregnancy. So weird!

A distant view of the living room, showing the sofa and coffee table on an area rug on the right, exposed wooden floors on the left in front of the fireplace and windows in the background

A large, blue and white vase on a shelf, near books with the pages facing outwards (instead of spines)

A woman, wearing a sweater and blue scarf, sitting on a sofa, covered with a white blanket, sipping from a mug

I honestly don’t know how I was still working at this stage of my first pregnancy. I am so much more easily exhausted with baby #2!  Right now, there’s nothing better than curling up on the couch while my little man takes a long nap. A cup of Irish tea and a good magazine equals my favorite way to relax for an hour or two!


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