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We’ve all seen the builder basic closets – a recess in the wall with a rail and a shelf above it. Not the best storage solution, right? So the first part of my Master Bedroom Makeover was to create a more functional closet by installing an IKEA closet system.

A bedroom with an old-fashioned iron bed, white wardrobe, wooden floors and a closet with white sliding doors

I searched through all my photos and can’t find a “before” of just the railing and shelf…but I’m sure you know what I mean. Most houses have similar closets!

After a lot of research I decided to go with the IKEA Algot system for my closet organization. It was better quality than similar systems at Lowe’s and Home Depot and substantially cheaper.

A closet with two rods of clothing, an upper shelf across the width of the closet and shelves and drawers in various sections around the rods

Thankfully, it was also REALLY easy to install! We went from an empty closet to a pretty great closet system within two hours.

P.S. How awesome does the new paint color look?

A person holding a level at the top of the inside of the closet

After we had removed the doors, the first thing we did was install the suspension system, i.e. the horizontal rail across the top. Once this is level and attached to the wall, the vertical rails can go in. As always, IKEA have thought of everything and the suspension rail makes it a breeze to figure out the distances you need between the vertical rails. The whole thing is pretty fool proof.

A person in a closet, installing shelves and framework for a closet system

We just popped some brackets in and grabbed one of the shelves we had bought and used that to quickly figure out the distance.
Colorful dresses, sweaters, tops and jeans hung up or stacked on the shelves of a new closet organizer system

My favorite part about the Algot closet system is that it’s completely customizable. You can pick whatever shelves, baskets, shoe racks and rails you want and arrange them as you please.

A collage of various closet configuration systems using rods, shelves, drawers and shoe racks

As you can see in the images above, the system not only is useful for a closet but for a variety of other organizational purpose, too.

I do love it in my closet, though!

How to design and install an IKEA closet system


Organize your entire wardrobe with this affordable closet system

The slide-out mesh baskets are my favorite part. They are great for shoes, belts, bags…anything, really!

DIY Customizable Closet System - IKEA Algot


Get your closet organized with a DIY IKEA closet system

Did I mention the entire system came in at less than $200?

I still have a bunch of space in the closet to the left of the installed system where I’m going to DIY my own shelves like I did in our first house. Then we need to figure out the closet door situation. I’m not a big fan of the sliding doors that were there as there’s always a portion of the closet you can’t see. Preferably, I’d like a french-style door. We’ll see what I can find that’s affordable, I guess!

Have you installed a closet system in your house? Would you consider this IKEA closet system or have you found something that works  better for you?



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  1. Very nice. I love the basket storage!

    I just moved to a house with a much smaller closet than what I was used to. Getting rid of things was my first step, and installing a bunch of shelves was my second. Honestly I don’t hang very many dresses, so I was able to stick with shirt-length hangers and shelves. So far, so good!

    1. Doesn’t getting rid of stuff feel so good, though!? It’s the dresses that get me every time…definitely easier when you don’t have a lot of them!