Hello! I'm Jenna Shaughnessy and thank you for your interest in working with me on Jenna Kate at Home. I am the creator, photographer and voice behind jennakateathome.com.  

My loyal readers and followers come to me for beautiful home decor ideas and inspiration to help them create a home they'll love. My goal is to guide them as their decorate their homes. This involves equipping them with the skills, ideas and motivation to tackle projects big or small for their homes.  

I enjoy supporting companies and products that I love and that I believe my readers would love. For you, I will give my very best work to make your company shine!  

Want to know more? View my media kit for information on statistical reach, notable features, content subjects and continue scrolling for details on collaborative opportunities. 

When you're ready, email me at jenna@jennakateathome.com so that we can discuss your particular needs and goals.

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Want maximum reach and impactful influence for your brand? A blog post is the best way for me to creatively integrate your company and message.

Blog content offers longevity and an opportunity for continued promotion across all my social channels for years to come.

I always include professional photography, a personal voice, and a handcrafted email to my especially loyal newsletter subscribers for each blog post. 

I offer real time, anytime statistical reports for all sponsored blog posts.

Shares across my social platforms, specifically Instagram and Facebook are a highly effective way to reach and engage with my audience in a fun, real life, heart to heart kind of way. 

Social media is the perfect way to talk to the public in a more casual, friendly manner, which means my opinions and experiences with the brand's products feel real and genuine.

I create videos to add a more personal and highly informative touch to my content. Videos are perfect for DIY tutorials, recipes and other content where showing the product in use is best. They may be included as an add-on to blog posts or simply as part of a stand-alone social campaign.

 My videos are shared on YouTube, Facebook and Instagram. Including videos allows me to connect with my viewers on a deeper level and help increase the impact of my influence.



The most powerful way to promote your Brand or company is through a Brand Ambassadorship.

 If your products or services make an impact on my readers, I would love to explore a long term relationship with your Brand by coming up with a regular posting schedule and long term tactics.

 The more my readers get to see me using your products and services, the more influence we have. 

We will work together to discuss metrics, conversions and explore what may work best for your company.


I am open to the idea of using your products to complete a project or to stage within my home to share with my readers.

 A review includes my thoughts and opinions of your product in a post with images and links to your sources.


I love supporting and sharing brands that improve a home!

When I complete a sponsored blog post and/or social shares, I do my best to highlight your company to the best of my abilities. 

Sponsored posts also allow your company access to quality related content to share on your own channels. 

A sponsored post generally includes 1 written blog post, social amplification across my channels, and inclusion in my weekly newsletter. 

I am happy to discuss your company's specific needs, budget, and unique needs that you may have.

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