Repose Gray by Sherwin Williams (SW 7015) is the perfect warm gray neutral paint color for every room in your home. With slight green and taupe undertones, it looks gray without ever feeling cold.

Sherwin Williams SW - 7015 paint swatch with text overlay

Repose Gray is my go-to neutral gray paint color choice. It’s the perfect whole-house paint color that works in ANY room, no matter whether the room has cool or warm light. I love it so much that I’ve used this warm gray paint color all over my own home!

If you’ve been looking for the perfect gray that never reads cold, you’re going to love this post. I’m sharing all the must-know details about this paint color, including its undertones, LRV, comparisons, and lots of photos to help you decide if it’s the one for you.

kitchen wall painted gray with rustic floating shelves
Repose Gray Kitchen Walls

Is Repose Gray a Warm or Cool Color?

Repose Gray is a little closer to warm gray than a true “greige” but is still warm enough for me to consider it under that category. The warmth it has makes it perfect for any room in your home, be it a living space, kitchen, bathroom or bedroom.

If you’ve been wanting to add gray paint to a room in your home but you’re worried about cool light that tends to bring out blue undertones in everything, then I think Repose Gray will be perfect for you. It will never feel like a cold gray, which is why it is so incredibly versatile.

That’s the exact reason I stumbled upon it! All the other grays I was trying looked distinctly baby blue in our kitchen but this paint color had just enough hint of warmth to still look medium gray and never at all cold.

If you want to minimize the beige undertone for a cleaner gray, I would stick to keeping it in bright spaces as the beige (and slight green undertone) really comes out in darker spaces. Not that I don’t like that, I actually really love how this gray never feels cold.

two story living room with fireplace and built ins and the walls painted Repose Gray
Living Room via Coastal Cass

On the other hand, if you’re reading this and now realize you don’t want a warm gray, then a cooler gray like Gray Owl or Stonington Gray may be more what you’re looking for.

Don’t Forget To Always Use Real Paint Samples!

Don’t forget – no matter what you’ve read or photos you’ve seen online, it’s really important to sample paint colors in your home before committing!

Samplize provides real paint samples that are easy to move around your home, and cheaper than buying a gazillion paint pots! It’s the only way I buy paint samples.

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What is the LRV of Repose Gray?

Repose Gray has an LRV of 58, making it medium-toned color.

Is it a True Gray?

Sorry to burst your bubble, but there’s really no such thing as a true gray. Every gray has some sort of undertone – whether it’s brown, blue, purple, or taupe. Of course, some grays are more closer to a neutral, “true” gray than others.

While Repose Gray is no different in that it has undertones, many people have found it to be the perfect true gray for them.

What are Repose Gray’s Undertones?

Repose Gray technically has a beige/taupe undertone as well as some green. The beige adds warmth and it could possibly flash slightly pink or purple due to those taupe tones. It can also have the slightest green undertone in darker rooms, or in shadowy corners in particular.

view over a kitchen table to a wall painted with repose gray

Don’t be scared, though! These undertones make it a unicorn paint color that works equally well when paired with both cool and warm colors in your home! Woohoo!

If your only experience of warm grays or greiges is the ever popular Benjamin Moore Revere Pewter – you’ll be surprised at how much more gray Repose Gray is. Revere Pewter can be quite muddy, whereas Repose Gray never looks that way.

This also means that it will work with a variety of finishes throughout your home AND it’s also one of the best paint colors for resale value.

Repose Gray entryway with white wainscoting and wooden console table

The picture above was taken right inside my front door. While the light is much warmer here than in the kitchen, Repose Gray still just has that touch of warmth to it. It’s really the perfect undertone for a gray that you will want to use throughout your home because regardless of the type of light, it will work.

What White Trim Color Goes With Repose Gray?

Because Repose Gray works so well with both warm and cool colors, any of the white trim paint colors will work well.

If you want a bright, crisp white then Sherwin Williams Extra White or Benjamin Moore Chantilly Lace are good choices.

For a neutral white, Sherwin Williams Pure White is always a safe bet. If you want a creamier, warmer white then Benjamin Moore Simply White or White Dove are good contenders.

Is Repose Gray a Good Whole House Paint Color?

Yes! There are not a lot of paint colors that I can confidently say will work in every room of your home. Because each part of your home will have different light, depending on whether the windows are north, south, east or west facing, a paint color that works in one room may look horrible in another.

repose gray kitchen walls
Kitchen walls are Repose Gray lightened by 50%

Repose Gray looks great in all exposures! However, in the darker rooms, that green undertone comes to the fore a little more. To counteract this, I started lightening the color by 50% and ended up with the PERFECT paint color! The lighter color has much less of the green undertone obvious and truly works in any room!

If this is something you want to do, just go to the paint store and ask for “Sherwin Williams Repose Gray lightened by 50%” and they will know what you mean.

Repose Gray Coordinating Colors

One of the colors that goes really well with it is this lovely gray-toned blue (Serious Gray by Sherwin Williams). Something about the gray-blue tone really complements it so well! (read more about my favorite blue-gray paint colors here).

coordinating colors with repose gray

If you want to accent it with a similar color but one that’s a bit darker for contrast, then Dorian Gray makes for a nice bold accent color.

Repose Gray with natural warm wood

If you love how it look, but want a slightly lighter and brighter color, it looks equally amazing when lightened by 50%. I recently repainted my living room using it at 50% strength and I really wish I had done it sooner!

Repose gray lightened 50% living room wall paint

Additionally, paired with crisp white trim, Repose Gray gives a really fresh modern feel to any room.

Repose Gray vs Agreeable Gray

Agreeable Gray is another very popular warm gray or greige paint color.

repose gray vs agreeable gray, side by side

Repose Gray is a bit more gray than Agreeable Gray, which has a stronger beige undertone, making it more of a greige. So Repose Gray is cooler, but it’s still a warm gray. It’s also just a smidge darker than Agreeable Gray, but the difference is barely noticeable.

If you’re deciding between the two, my main question for you would be whether you want more of a gray paint color or something warmer. If you want a color that’s warmer, then Agreeable Gray would be the way to go.

Sherwin Williams Repose Gray walls with extra white trim

Repose Gray vs Light French Gray

Real Room Examples

I want to share with you some other spaces that have used this wonderful color. If you have cooler light or a north facing room and cannot find the right gray, definitely try Repose Gray.

Can Repose Gray be Used as a Cabinet Color?

Yes! Not only is it a lovely wall color, but Repose Gray is one of my favorite colors for cabinets. Whether you prefer brass, black or silver hardware, it will work with all of them!

Kitchen cabinets painted with sw repose gray
Repose Gray Kitchen Cabinets via Finding Lovely

Repose Gray in Kitchens

Repose Gray kitchen walls via Architectural Digest

Repose Gray in Living Rooms

Sherwin Williams Repose Gray at half strength
Repose Gray Lightened by 50%
Repose Gray sitting room walls
Repose Gray Sitting Room

Repose Gray in Bathrooms

Repose Gray never feels cold and works well with so many colors and finishes. It really is such a great paint color for any room in your home, bathrooms included!

Sherwin Williams Repose Gray bathroom
Repose Gray Bathroom via Zillow
A bathroom paired with repose gray and crisp white trim and vanity
Repose Gray Bathroom via Thistlewood

The paint colors brings warmth to a bathroom with northern light
Repose Gray Bathroom via Decorpad

Repose Gray in Bedrooms

White trim, bright light and light colored furnishings definitely help favor the cooler side of this paint color. So if you want it to lean towards gray more than its warmer side, keep that in mind.

Repose Gray paired with coral in a bedroom
Bedroom via Two Twenty One
Repose Gray Nursery
Nursery via Project Nursery
Repose Gray nursery walls
Nursery via Blooming Homestead

Repose Gray in Entryways and Mudrooms

In the following photos, you can see how well Repose Gray works when paired with warm woods. A lot of warmer grays will start to look muddy or too beige when paired with darker woods, but this one still maintains its gray color.

Repose gray works just as well with natural wood as it does with white painted wood
Repose Gray Hallway via Numbered Street Designs
Repose gray paired with serious gray door
Sherwin Williams Repose Gray paired with SW Serious Gray Door
Dark wood goes nicely with warm gray walls
Repose Gray Staircase via The Creativity Exchange

What Paint Color is Similar to Repose Gray?

There’s no exact match across brands. Benjamin Moore Collingwood Gray is similar, but lighter. London Fog is also another similar color, but darker.

If you love the look of Repose Gray lightened by 50%, then Sherwin Williams Incredible White is a close match. Its undertones are different – leaning pink/beige instead of green/beige, but you’ll get a very similar color depth.

Frequently Asked Questions

Repose Gray is popular because of its ability to work well with both warm and cool color schemes. It pairs beautifully with cool whites and blues, and just as well with warm wood tones, brass, creams and warm whites.

Repose Gray is not as popular as it was a few years ago as warmer beiges start to become trendy again. However, it is still a stunning color that works well with so many different color schemes that it’s one you should definitely consider! Those that have it, love it!

Don’t Forget To Always Use Real Paint Samples!

Don’t forget – no matter what you’ve read or photos you’ve seen online, it’s really important to sample paint colors in your home before committing!

Samplize provides real paint samples that are easy to move around your home, and cheaper than buying a gazillion paint pots! It’s the only way I buy paint samples.

Use code JENNAK10 at checkout and get 10% off your order

Coupon entitles all customers to 10% off the entire order with no minimum purchase requirement. This is a one-time use coupon and it cannot be combined with other discounts.

Is Repose Gray Right For You?

Are you ready to ditch the traditional cold grays of the past, but still love gray? Repose Gray gives you the best of both worlds. Its warm undertone means it works alongside both warm and cool colors, making it a great choice for many rooms.

Repose Gray works best in well-lit spaces and may not have enough warmth to counteract cool-toned northern light. I like it best in sunny rooms.

Love the undertones but find the color just a bit too dark? Lighten Repose Gray by 50% and you’ll have the perfect light and airy color that works anywhere!

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  1. Hi Jenna, As many have said I also love the repose gray lightened by 50%. I am relocating to Nigeria, and they have SW paint….but not the ability to make custom blends…I don’t know why…just what I’m told. Is there a regular SW color that comes close to the repose gray lightened by 50%? Thanks for you help.

    1. Hi Damian! SW Incredible White is similar….it’s less green and a bit more pink, but unless they were side by side you probably wouldn’t notice the difference.

      1. Thank you for the quick response Jenna. If I did a wall in Incredible White” and the trim in Alabaster…..would that look like the walls were lighter than the trim?

  2. Kirsten Richardson says:

    Hi there! Do you know what color it is lightened with? I said this to a Sherwin Williams employee a few days ago and she looked at me as if that wasn’t possible… I’m thinking she was probably new and I wasn’t actually buying the paint that day but did want to see if there is an answer! Lol

    1. Lol she clearly hasn’t worked there long! It’s basically just half the colorant added to the white base. It’s a very common request so anyone who has worked there for any length of time would be familiar with it.

  3. I loved the Repose Gray. I definitely will be trying it soon. Please can you tell me the dark blue color on the front door. I’m loving it too. Maxine

  4. Hi there – Repose Gray in 50% strength looks amazing in your pics, do you think it goes well with Alabaster? We are painting kitchen cabinets in Alabaster and wondering if we can do walls in 50% Repose Gray.

      1. Thanks Jenna for your quick response. Our second option is City Loft. Do you have any recommendation which goes well with Alabaster and which one would be lightest? Having hard time to find pictures online to compare both since it’s 50% strength. Appreciate your help so much!!

        1. I haven’t seen city loft directly next to the lightened repose gray so I can’t say for sure. Your best best is to get some samples (or just get the repose gray sample) and then a bunch of samplize samples for the regular colors and compare. See how they look on different walls at different times of the day because the colors will change.

  5. Carey Estes says:

    What color is that front door in the picture??

  6. I painted a relatively dark condo in SW Repose Gray lightened by 50%, and it looks fabulous. The color also looks great with the honey oak kitchen cabinets that aren’t my style but are in great condition and staying “as is” for now.

  7. Christina says:

    Do you know the LRV of 50% Repose Gray?

    With oak trim vs white trim will the 50% show up white vs gray?

    1. I don’t know what the LRV is, but my guess is around 74. It will stick look like a light gray no matter what trim you pair it with.

  8. I love the way repose looks in pictures online. However after using a gallon of it in our new home as the main color to be used throughout…I’m so disappointed. It absolutely looks powder blue on many different facing walls. It clashes with my light taupe couch terribly. I love the color swatch, and the paint chip, but it’s back to square one for me unfortunately.

    1. Sorry to hear that! I’ve never seen Repose Gray look blue even in the coolest light. Was it definitely mixed correctly?

  9. Just wanted to comment that Repose Gray is a perfect color. We have a lot of gray in our home, but have a cool tan colored living room furniture and this paint color ties everything in perfectly. We initially painted the entire home in SW Limelight. It looked great on the color swatch and as a sample, but unfortunately it looked powder blue in our house. I was so unhappy with it for months because it gave our white kitchen very dated, 50s vibes. I am so glad I decided on Repose Gray. It’s warm, modern, and very inviting.

  10. Athena Graham says:

    Could you tell me what color the front door in the first picture is? The door without the panels and no wreath. Not the one that is labeled as Serious Grey.

  11. In your photos of the Repose Gray on Kitchen Walls, can you please tell me what color gray you have on the chairs? It’s a great contrast to the walls!

  12. A.J. Thiel says:

    Hi there, in regards to lightening it by 50%, what’s the best way to do that? Would a professional paint company be able to do that without much instruction?

      1. Do you think HomeDepot would understand how to do this? I guess I could always ask since that’s where I will be getting our paint, just wondering if you had any experience with them.

  13. Erin Eshelman says:

    I recently finished a bathroom remodel and needed a color to go along with the new tile and granite countertops. I came across this article and am so glad I did. I had 4-5 different “gray” colors on the wall and nothing was right. Based on your suggestion, I tried Repose Gray and it is simply perfect. Thank you for the information it was spot on!

  14. Hi Jenna! I have Agreeable Gray in my family room and kitchen, and need to repaint my living room. It is a south facing room with lots of sun and heat. I’m thinking of using Repose Gray. Will that complement Agreeable Gray in the other rooms or should I stick with Agreeable. Thanks!

  15. We bought a fixer townhouse last December and painted every room in Repose Gray. We painted all the trim and cabinets in Eagle Rock by Benjamin Moore. I love it! I wanted a gray that wouldn’t look blue

  16. Kimberly Neufeld says:

    I having Response Gray Painted inside my sons new townhouse, I struggling what color I should paint the ceilings, baseboards, trim, and doors. I am going to have crown modeling along ceilings added next year. He has dark wood floors ( mostly dark brown, little grayish/ white ) kitchen has white cabinets & SS appliances.

    I don’t want to pull the purple or blue out of Response gray. Should I go Pure White, Reflective White or Extra White. Gosh I have to tell painter soon like tomorrow.

    1. Any of those 3 will be perfect. We had extra white originally and just repainted everything pure white and both looked equally good.

  17. What color do you use for your white trim and molding to accent the repose gray?

    1. Any white works – SW extra white, pure white. We originally had BM decorators white and switched to Extra White. Even BM white dove looks great.

  18. Hi Jenna.
    We are about to paint a couple of bedrooms and love the idea of lightning 50% for one that doesn’t get a lot of light. What trim color works best with Repose Gray? Thank you.

  19. What do you mean when painting 50%?

  20. What is the color of your interior door?! That blue!!!

    1. Thanks Allie! I know, I love it too! It’s actually a factory finish from Harvey Building Products, it’s called Wedgewood Blue. I don’t have a matching paint color for it but I should try get it color matched!

  21. Hi Jenna! Love the idea of lightening Repose Grey by 50%. Question though – how exactly do you do that?? Thanks so much!

  22. I tried repose gray 50% lighter and it doesn’t look lighter at all!

    I’m wondering if there are different formulas for achieving 50%. If you still have your paint could you check the paint label and see what it says

  23. Hi! i loved your post i finally made a decision to do the repose 50% strength and cant wait to see how it turns out. I wanted to ask you where you got your sectional couch in your living room???

  24. Lynn Schmidt says:

    Hi Jenna, spent the weekend “swatching” and researching for the right gray to modernize my older southwest Florida coastal home. SW- ice cube-too light, big chill-too blue, city loft- too warm, repose gray – my fav but hubby says too dark. Two/three spaces (kitchen, living room/ family room) two floorings I can’t afford to change. Trying to find one gray to bring it all together. Low ceilings and windows face north / just slightly NE. Surprisingly dark. Can I lighten the repose by 25%? I’m worried that 50% would be too light? Perhaps not? Help???? Repose is the exact neutral of neutral!!! Love it.

  25. I’ve decided on repose gray for my living room. 2 questions: 1. It is a NE facing room without a lot of natural light. Should I do 50%? 2. I have an adjoining dining room that is SW facing and a lot of afternoon light. Would you do repose gray there too? I’m not afraid of color so what would a complimenting color be?

    1. It really depends on how much saturation you want. I suggest get a sample of both and seeing what you prefer. Either choice will work, it’s just personal preference as to how much color you want on the wall!

      1. Does repose gray look good with alabaster white trim and cabinets?

  26. I am pretty sold on repose gray, is your entire house reduced by 50% or just the one room you took the video? Also what finish is did you use? Thanks

    1. Just our living room and office (where I did the video) the rest of our house are at 50% – kitchen, hallway and upstairs landing are all full strength. We have eggshell on all the walls.

  27. Melissa McCormack says:

    what color is the inside of your front door in this picture??

  28. Hi Jenna!
    I am thinking of painting my kitchen cabinets Repose Gray. What wall colors would look good with Repose Gray? Thanks!

  29. I have black granite, alabaster cabinets, and jacobean and classic gray floors. Will repose gray be a beautiful color on my walls?

  30. I love the repose gray photos and all of your helpful insight! I’m feeling good about using it in a house we are currently building. I just need some help for the white cabinets. I think alabaster may be too warm and pure white may be too white. I was looking at snowbound it seems to be in the middle and a good choice for cabinets/doors/trim. What do you think about snowbound vs alabaster or pure white for giving the least warm appearance?

    1. Pure white and snowbound look pretty similar in person and are both equally good choices. Snowbound has a slight gray undertone while pure white is a lovely clean white that doesn’t feel cold.

  31. So I feel like you sold me on Repose Gray! We are moving into a new house in February and repainting all the rooms. We live on the South Carolina coast and our house is very farmhouse style, so we’re keeping a coastal farmhouse vibe throughout the house. I LOVE SW Sea Salt and plan to use it within the house as well…. I’m feeling like Repose Gray will be a nice compliment!

    1. Jenna Shaughnessy says:

      It’s really a great color! SW Sea Salt is great too, but surprisingly a lot of people don’t like it when they see it on their walls – its best for bathrooms and bedrooms :-)

      1. Do you have a good match for BM Paper White in Sherwin Williams? My builder uses Sherwin Williams but I love Paper White. If not – would Repose Gray at 50 percent be similar?

        1. Just have SW color match it. Repose at 50% is a smidge darker and the undertone is a bit different, but they are quite close in color. Maybe try a sample of both and see which you prefer

    2. Bessie Rhone says:

      I love all the color combinations, super natural. One of my favourite is the dark grey color. Thanks for the color ideas.

  32. Hi! Your blog is great! I too love repose grey and have it on most of the walls in my house. I need help picking a grey with blue undertones paint color for our mudbench, island, and master bath cabinets. All these rooms have repose grey walls(and the other kitchen cabinets are white and all countertops are white with grey, kind of a Carrera marble look). I was thinking maybe the serious grey you suggested above, but then I read your blog about grey blue paint colors and you mentioned it was a chameleon color. I don’t want a color that looks blue, or a color that looks purple. And I think I like the colors that are a little darker to provide some contrast with the repose grey walls. Thoughts? Help?! :)

    1. Were you able to decide what color to go with? I hav the exact same situation in Kitchen – wall color repose gray, counter top, floor and backsplash all white with slight gray on it. I need to decide cabinet colors.

  33. Hello Jenna!

    (1) My family and I are buying a house and repainting the entire inside. The floors are warm oak and you can view the living room, entryway, staircase, and dining room at once (its open in this space). To keep the openness and resist choppiness, I was thinking of painting repose gray on all walls. Your thoughts?
    (2) Also the back of the house is the kitchen and second living space before the screen porch. I was thinking of painting the cabinets repose gray (darker space, black granite) and the walls and den 50% lighter repose gray. Can I have your thoughts on this?
    (3) Lastly, to the right of entryway is our master bedroom and bathroom. Since entryway might be repose gray, would it look better to continue that color in bedroom or go in another direction? Thanks so much!

  34. Hi. I love your blog! I have a question. We are finishing our basement with light grey weathered Shiplap accent wall. And oak grey vinyl floors. Do you think Repose will go well with these floors? I love it in the rooms in your blog. Also love the deeper accent colors you suggested, like your front door. We may do that color on the stairs.

    1. Jenna Shaughnessy says:

      It will definitely “go”, it just depends on whether you want that much gray in the space! Repose generally works well alongside all shades of gray, though, so if that’s what you want it’ll certainly work!

  35. Hello Jenna ! Love all your advise regarding Repose Gray . I have a question . I am painting my kitchen wall and cabinets . The backsplash match the repose gray for the wall perfect . Ok I see so many varieties of whites and is hard to find the correct one ! The counter is black , the tile in the floor is gray . Do you recommend extra white for the cabinets ? In what texture (sheen ) ? Satin ? I need your advise . Thank you in advance !

    1. Jenna Shaughnessy says:

      Hi Carmen! If you want a really bright white, Extra White or High Reflective White are great! If you want one that’s still a lovely white – but less bright – then I would go with Pure White.

      1. Thank you for your time !

  36. So sorry! Maybe you mentioned this but what colors of sofas/ furniture would you recommend with full strength repose gray? Our home is RG and I’m struggling going with a flax linen color or a light gray for a sofa.

    1. Jenna Shaughnessy says:

      We have a flax linen color and there was still enough difference between the wall and the couch, as long as there was some color on the throw pillows to break it up. I would suggest getting some fabric swatches before picking a couch just to be on the safe side! Or bring a swatch of the paint color with you to the furniture store!

  37. Hi Jenna, I have been purchasing paint samples for weeks now.and desperately need help. I have to select a paint color for my bedroom, living room, dining room and kitchen. All the rooms are visible from each other except the kitchen. I love repose gray but I’m also liking agreeable gray., Drift of mist and balboa mist. I have oak trim and oak floors throughout my house. I did not want to paint my molding but every color I look at is beautiful when contrasting with white trim but not so much with the oak trim. I would like the rooms to complement each other but have some contrast. What colors do you think would work well together as a color palette?

  38. I’m on the hunt for the perfect gray to paint my walls and a shade or two darker to paint my kitchen cabinets. I loved your painted gray chairs. Do you know what color was used? Thanks so much!

    1. Hi Rachel, unfortunately the chairs were purchased that color so I don’t have that information for you. Sorry!

  39. Hello,
    What wood are your floors? do you know what type/color?

    1. They are white oak stained with Bona Provincial in a satin finish

  40. Sheryl vazquez says:

    HI. I love your blogs. I painted my living room and dining room Stonington Gray. It looks blue at certain times of the day. I want to do an accent wall one or two shade darker than the Stonington. Do you have any advice on which gray I should pick?

    1. Stonington definitely has a blue undertone! I can’t remember that the next darkest shade is, but if you a color card from the BM store (or just google it) it will tell you what the next darkest color up is.

  41. I am considering using Repose Grey in our living room, which is a North facing room with a picture window. I am curious to know what color furniture you choose.?

    My living room has a orange brick fireplace that I am working around and I am not planning to whitewash it.

    I go back and forth between grey paint or Alabaster. If I use the grey paint I don’t really want to buy white furniture so, I am curious to know your color

    1. Hi Cindy – we just have a neutral color couch, a light oatmeal sort of color. I wouldn’t worry about buying a white couch. You certainly do not need to do that. If you’re worried about your couch blending in too much just add some color or white if you prefer via pillows and throw blankets

  42. Hi

    So like you I have a ton of painted swatches on my walls, Right now I have Colonnade Gray. Modern Gray & I am thinking of getting another sample can of Repose Gray. Some walls look Beige/Taupe & others look dark Gray! I do not want beige or Taupe as I have had this colour before! I also don’t want the Blue or Green undertone. I have already spend over 100 on paint samples and am so frustrated!!

  43. Jessica Scirone says:

    Hi, if we paint our whole house walls Repose gray, bm decorators white for trim, what color should we use for ceilings?


    1. I always just use regular off-the-shelf flat white ceiling paint!

      1. Would Simply White Walls and trim work with Repose Gray mantle and TV cabinet? Floors are honey color oak, very warm…

        1. Jenna Shaughnessy says:

          Yes! Repose Gray works well with warmer colors!

  44. Stacy Scherer says:

    Love your home. What color is your front door?

    1. Hi Stacy! It’s Serious Gray by Sherwin Williams

      1. Carrie E Johnson says:

        Are both your front door and back door painted Serious Gray? The back door looks bluer than the front door.

        1. No! The back door is Morning Fog, which is a shade lighter than Serious Gray. It’s much bluer (and sometimes looks a tad purple!)

  45. Hi Jenna, your blog is fabulous! Would you mind sharing what type of hardwood flooring/stain (+ staircase) you have in your foyer which was painted repose gray?

    I have a very similar entry way in the house I just purchased and am painting the interior repose gray. I’m replacing all carpeting with solid hardwood flooring. I’m currently torn between Mirage’s natural red oak versus their natural white oak. I would like to preserve the oak finishes currently in the home and like that you didn’t paint the staircase. I think either would work but would love your input. Thanks!

    1. Hi Laurel! Our floors are white oak stained with Bona Provincial Stain (water popped) and finished with satin poly.

  46. Jenna, this blog is fabulous! Would you mind sharing what type of hardwood you have in your main foyer (flooring + staircase) which was painted repose gray? I have a very similar entry way in the house we just purchased. I’m planning on painting the entire interior repose gray with white baseboards. I’m also replacing the carpeting throughout with solid hardwood. I’m currently torn between Mirage’s natural red oak or their natural white oak flooring. I would like to preserve the other oak finishes in the house including our staircase which is also oak – I love that you didn’t paint your stair bannister white or expresso which seems to be very on trend these days. Any recommendations? Thanks!

  47. Hi love your blog! I recently put repose gray on my walls and it looks totally blue! We have soft white lights and it even looks blue in natural light. I’m so confused… help!

    1. Hmmm that’s strange. Repose Gray does not have ANY sort of blue undertone, it technically has a bit of green to it. Did you definitely get the right color mixed?

      1. Liliam Kachakji says:

        I got that too. I check it and it seems that your floor and light had lot to do. I have light tans hardwood floor and the grey color I chose does not have blue undertone but my floor color contrast made a big difference. I had seen dark wood floors with the same color and no blue reflection at all.

        1. Floors and light have 100% got to do with how the color looks. It’s just funny because I’ve seen Repose Gray with light hardwoods, beige carpet and darker hardwoods and I’ve never seen a blue undertone appear – green, yes – but not blue! But people have told me that Bm Stonington Gray has the tiniest blue undertone and in my kitchen it’s literally baby blue! That’s why getting samples and testing color is SO important before committing!

          1. I got a sample of Repose Gray from our local Lowe’s…and it def. has a blue undertone!? Perhaps go to an actual Sherwin Williams and have it mixed in their paint base??

          2. Hi Lila – depending on your light situation it may me picking up on color outside (greenery) or northern light is bringing out a blue undertone. I’ve heard it so often lately (even though I’ve never personally seen it) it seems that the blue undertone is possible!

          3. Tuan Nguyen says:

            My room has blue undertone also too… I thought because of my old paint. So I painted a white primer to my wall and try to paint it again but it still get blue tone. At night, I used the bright white bulb and it became the mixing between blue & yellow. I got my paint from SW. It really confuse me…
            Please help !?

          4. I’ve heard a few people mention a blue undertone recently. I think Repose Gray may be slightly unpredictable in northern exposure rooms and at night. If it’s not working for you, there’s plenty of other amazing grays out there with different undertones!

    2. I had the same issue! I had Repose Gray mixed at Home Depot and it is definitely looking more blue than all the colors I see on Pinterest. I painted it in our daughter’s room which is south facing and gets lots of natural light and its a sharp clean look which is fine but nowhere near the color on this blog or others. I then painted it in a middle bedroom that doesn’t get a lot of natural light, and it looks a very cold blue-grey and I don’t like it at all. I’m wondering if Home Depot is mixing it up all wrong?

      1. Jenna Shaughnessy says:

        I’ve honestly never seen it look blue…purple, yes but not a cold blue. Color matching is not 100% accurate because it depends on what white base is being used, although Home Depot now sells HGTV home by Sherwin Williams so you’d think it would be close. If you have a Sherwin Williams near you maybe try getting a sample pot and see how it looks.

  48. I live in a Victorian home. My kitchen is painted Mindful Gray & has white woodwork. Will Mindful Gray look right in my dining room which has oak woodwork? If not, what color gray would you suggest to coordinate with the kitchen?

  49. Michele Robitaille says:

    LOVE Repose gray and all your photos! Doing a laundry room makeover and wanted to use Repose but the tile backsplash is almost an exact match. Literally, it IS the same color so I cannot use it as the tile will blend in too much. Is there a “lighter” version of Repose to achieve the same look/color that will coordinate with, rather than, blend with the tile? Thanks for your help!

  50. Hi Jenna! I’m going nuts over here with a North/east facing room! I have a lighter grey sofa in the room already and am trying to find a grey that will suit going with it. Every time I put something Greige up, it looks muddy (have tried pale oak, winds breath, Edgecomb grey) and terrible behind the sofa. How does repose do next to other greys (fairly cool grey)?


  51. Would SW extra white trim and cabinets go well with Repose? I love bright white cabinets look, but don’t want it to be too stark, or have any yellow undertones.. as we’re also doing Carrara Marble in our Master. Please help!

  52. Is there a SW version of BM Decorator’s White? Or Behr?

    1. Hi Jack – you can get any color mixed up by any brand. If you prefer Sherwin Williams, just ask them to color match to Decorator’s White. They will pull up the color code on their computer and mix it in their own paint.

  53. Back in 2012 when we built our new home, we also our home painted repose grey. It’s been 5 years and I don’t regret it one bit. It’s still beautiful and like you we tried on like 20 different colors before picking this one.

    1. Do you have an exterior white trim that you would recommend to go with the exterior of repose grey? we will have black windows and white trim but looking for a good white trim.

  54. Nancy Hope says:

    My kitchen faces North, with some, not a lot of light. I am planning on painting walls warm B.M. Cotton Balls, My counter tops are color of slate green. I was hopeing to find the right light gray
    for cabinets. Could I use the Repose Gray, or Light French Gray maybe? there will be light
    wood nearby and an ochre plastered wall 15 ft away. Thank you so much, Nancy

    1. Hi Nancy – Repose Gray is BEAUTIFUL on cabinets! Which Light French Gray are you talking about? The Behr one is in fact blue and the SW one is actually very dark – you can see it in my mudroom here. I wouldn’t recommend it for cabinets. Another nice light gray (a good bit lighter than Repose) is BM’s Paper White. I hope that helps!

  55. Hi Jenna! I enjoyed your post. We are buying a new construction home & have to pick a single wall color (SW) for the whole house before it is built. I want gray, but the main room is north-facing and I don’t want the room to look dark. There is no way to sample colors in advance so I’m thinking Repose. Is there a SW warm gray you know of that brightens a room better than Repose? Does Repose go with SW Alabaster cabinets and SW Dovetail kitchen island do you think?

    1. Yikes – that’s a lot of pressure since you can’t even sample the color, first?! I have a lot of dark areas and very bright areas in my home and Repose Gray looks beautiful in both. It’s closer to gray when it’s bright and a bit more beigey when it’s darker but always beautiful. Both Alabaster and Dovetail are on the warmer side so I think it will all work together. Even if your builder told you it needs to be a SW paint – remember that you can color match any other brand, too. So for instance if you love BM Decorator’s White for trim you have have them get that color mixed up in SW paint. Hope that helps and good luck!

  56. HI Jenna, I just came across your blog today and I love this grey color. We are looking at painting our dinning room last room in the house to get a make over to say New floors which are dark wood. My question is how do you think this paint will look on walls with knock down on them( textured walls) we have sanded them down but it still has the textured look. Also we have added a closet in the room. Do you think the doors would look good also a darker color, I don’t want it to stand out. the room is 13×17 it leads into the kitchen. faces south but the only natural light we have is from the glass in the front door. 1 chandelier and led can lighting. Whats your thoughts about this wonderful color and the textered walls. Thank you for taking the time.

    1. Hi Sarah,

      If you’re concerned about the texture, use either a low sheen paint (like an eggshell or even flat finish). I recommend painting your doors white because it contrasts beautifully with the repose gray. I hope that helps!

      1. Thank you!! Going ro get paint this weekend.

        1. THANK THANK YOU! We just finished Painting and the REPOSE GREY is awesome!! after After applying over 10lbs of mud to skim coat the wall no knock down! The color is amazing and I want to thank you for the recommendation!!! I can’t wait for the holidays and people to see it, I love this room its my new favorite room I think I will be using this color in my kitchen now!! Thank you

          1. Oh I’m so glad it worked out for you, Sarah! I adore Repose Gray and I’m so happy that you love it, too! :-)

  57. Hi we are getting ready to paint our entire open concept ranch house. My kitchen cabinets are an off-white ivory color and they are driving me crazy! My counter has flecks of blue, gray, cream, white, silver and black. Trying to find a paint is next to impossible. I’ve tried every version of gray imaginable and I do like repose but it’s very, very light. I am thinking that I like mindful a little better but I’m worried about the green undertones… I hate green. Also, I want to pair the mindful gray with a dark blue color like SW Naval, just for some contrast in the dining room. Is Mindful going to work okay? We do like repose but it looks almost white on our walls in the lighting….

    1. Hi. I’m in the same confusion as you. What did you end up picking? Mindful 25 % lighter or repose?
      Post pics of possible thanks

      1. Hi Alicia – the first few pictures are all my home with Repose Gray!

  58. Help please! We have to pick an interior color for our new construction home. The color will be through the entire home. The builder only uses stained trim/millwork. We chose a medium warm brown toned stain (lighter than espresso). Most of the main living spaces in the home won’t get direct sunlight too long. There are trees and forest in the background out two big windows in the great room with a high ceiling and an open catwalk above. Would
    Repose gray look good in this home or too dark? Would it pick up on the green back drop out the great room windows? Thank you!!!

  59. Can you suggest a lighter and darker gray that could be used with the Repose Gray? I’d like to paint my living room with the RP Gray, but have a staircase going to the second floor and the wall going up is open to the living room, so they’d have to work together. I’d like to paint it a slightly darker gray that the Repose Gray. I was also looking for a suggestion or 2 with regard to a lighter colour that would work well with RP Gray.
    Thanks so much!

  60. Hi! I love your blog and this post helped me a lot with choosing our paint colors. So my husband and I fell in love with repose gray after seeing your post, but we just had the painters use repose gray in our open concept living room and dining room which has a lot of natural sunlight and it looks blue! Do you notice this at all in your house? In your pictures it seems like it actually has more of a beige undertone. Im not sure if it was because the painter didnt use a primer but he told us two coats would be enough to cover the original yellow in the living room and hunter green in the dining room. Do you by chance to know what type of SW paint you used for the Repose Gray in your house (super paint, emerald, promar 200)? So bummed :( Now debating whether to repaint the areas :(

    1. Hi Sara! That’s a bit strange since it technically has a green undertone, and definitely can appear a bit beige. I’ve used it throughout my home in all different lighting situations and there’s certainly no blue in it at all. We didn’t use primer either, just two coats of paint but we were dealing with white walls to begin with.

      Also, we had it mixed in Benjamin Moore paint but I know several people who have used the SW formula with no issues. I’m sorry that it didn’t work out for you. Did you double check that your painter purchased the right color? My paint accidently purchased SW Light French Gray when I wanted Behr Light French Gray before and they are two totally different colors.

      If you do decide to change colors, I can’t emphasize how important sampling in different lights is. Get some foamboard and paint it and move it around your rooms so that you can see what the color looks like in different light (morning, afternoon, evening). Also, keep in mind that your furnishings and fixed finishes (cabinets, floors) could impact the undertone of the color.

      Good luck!

      1. now I’m starting to wonder if it’s the lighting too…do you have mostly white light bulbs vs yellow light in your house?

        1. I know this is an older post, but I also had the same issue with my repose gray. I painted my hallway bathroom (no natural light) and it came out blueish gray at two coats. I did a third and it took on a less bluish tone but definitely not as warm as the pictures in this blog. Did you try a different color or stayed with the same repose gray?

          1. Hi Melissa, nope just Repose Gray. It’s so important that you test paint out before committing to it. Everyone’s lighting conditions are different and based on the furnishings and other factors, a color can pull out different undertones. Repose Gray technically has a slight green undertone so I’m surprised that it’s leaning blue but I’m sure whatever is in your space or outside your windows is somehow influencing it.

  61. Linda Gibson says:

    You are so nice to respond to everyone! What gray would you suggest I paint 5 shaker panel doors with this color walls and white trim?

    1. Hi Linda! I personally love how this color looks with white trim and doors as it provides a beautiful crisp contrast. My favorite white is BM Decorator’s White.

      1. Sorry I meant if I painted the walls repose, the trim white and the doors darker that’s repose. I guess I could just go deeper down the chart which is black fox? ????

        1. Yes! That’s a sure-fire way to make sure that the undertones work together :-)

  62. Hi. I am building a new home and want to paint the open concept one color. Either mindful or repose Gray. The trim is a slate color…dark brown/gray. Gray carpets and griege flooring. Ceilings will be sprayed same color. What paint color would you suggest. North facing home with lots of windows facing south. Thanks

    1. Hi Melanie,

      It’s hard for me to tell without seeing the space, but it sounds like it might be a little too “greige” pairing either repose or mindful gray with the slate color trim and greige floors. Mindful Gray has a pretty strong green undertone which might start making everything muddy….Repose Gray is a cleaner color with less of the undertone peeking through. Have you considered a cooler toned gray like Gray Owl or Stonington Gray? Just my two cents of course – but I would grab a bunch of sample posts and see what they look like at the very least!

  63. Hello, I currently have repose grey in my powder room but not sure what to do in my master suit the bathroom is open and attaches to bedroom that has a red accent wall and the other walls are a baige. I’m so lost on what to do in the master bath help please

    1. Forgot to add the name of the color, it is red bay. Would repose work as well or should I do quest grey or an all together different grey.

  64. Hi the pictures and design are just so pretty !! I am planning to paint my interior with SW repose gray too, I want to ask for recommendation on a matching white color for trim, ceiling and interior doors? I know you mentioned BM decorative white , do you have similar for SW? Thanks so much !!!

    1. Hi Melanie – I haven’t used any SW whites but if you prefer their paint just ask them to mix up the BM decorator’s white for you. All paint stores have access to the color codes on their computers :-)

  65. Tina Taylor says:

    Hi. I am planning to use repose gray on the exterior brick and wood of my house. I am using black fox on the shutters and doors. I was planning to use eider white, which is the next lightest shade, on my trim, but I am afraid it will not be a big enough contrast. Any advice? Thank you so much!

  66. Bethany Lewis says:

    Jenna, I so appreciate all of your input on the comments. We are going with the Repose Gray for our open house plan, and the Decorator White for the trim. We have a wide arch in the middle of our home. What color do you recommend we use? Many thanks,

  67. Jodie Watson says:

    Hi Jenna! I’m going GRAYzy over here!! I stumbled upon your blog while trying to find the right paint color for our new house. We have to choose one color for the whole home, which is a modest 1000 square feet, and north facing, so gets limited light exposure. Here is the clincher- we can’t test the paint out in advance because we currently live in another city. ???? I would love a brightening neutral gray that will pair well with navy and soft shades of turquoise. I just want to find a foolproof color that will make our new home cozy, but not dingy or cold. Can a space be warm and airy?? Would love any feedback. I’m stuck. Been going around and around from Gray Owl, to Repose Gray, then Passive, & back to Gray Owl. No, Revere Pewter, lightened. No, none of those. Help, please!

    1. Hi Jodie! We used Repose Gray in our entire downstairs and upstairs landing and absolutely adore it. It’s the perfect warm gray. In cooler light, it adds the perfect warmth without looking muddy and in warmer light looks equally gorgeous. Paired with bright white trim, it’s really stunning. I can’t recommend it enough! Gray Owl can have some funky undertones, especially in northern light and is definitely a cooler gray. If you are going for warm and airy, Repose Gray is the way to go!

      1. Jodie Watson says:

        Thanks so much!!

  68. Love your blog! I discovered it just in time as we are finalizing colors for our new house. :)

    Question: Would White Dove work well as a trim color with Repose Gray? What color should I choose for the ceilings?

    1. Hi Allison! I believe White Dove is on the creamier side of things…not really a bright white. I would recommend a crisper white like Simply White or Decorator’s White, personally. We’ve also used Decorator’s White on our ceilings as well as standard off-the-shelf white ceiling paint and they both look great!

      1. Thank you for your quick reply! Up until today, I was planning on Revere Pewter for most of our walls, White Dove for trim and all cabinets just to keep it simple (and less expensive!). Now, I’m thinking Repose Gray for almost all rooms, and I’ll go with one of your trim recommendations. Would you carry over this trim color to all cabinets, too? Thank you so much for your help. My head has been spinning!

        1. I forgot that SW have a “white dove” too…which is very similar to BM Decorator’s White. If that’s what you meant, then either one would be fab. Ben Moore’s white dove is cream…so don’t get confused between the two.

          BM Decorator’s White is great too because it has a tint of a creamy undertone that stops it from feeling too cold (similar to the SW white dove) A lot will depend on your light situation. We’ve used Decorator’s White on all our built-ins and trim and adore it. I have no idea what color our kitchen cabinets are painted because we didn’t do it.

          Revere Pewter is a great color but again depending on your light and look VERY beige (as it does it my house). Repose Gray has a better mix of gray/beige and really is a stunning color. We have it paired with decorator’s white so I can definitely attest to the fact that they look fab together :-)

  69. So I too can’t decide Repose Gray and Ageeable Gray, seems that repose has a wee bit more purple, where agreeable is more beige. My new floors are smoked chestnut (with black and gold). The first color I chose was requisite gray sw, but after painting one wall all I can see is purple :(!!!! Now I got Repose and Agreeable, can’t pick, HELP. Thanks

    1. Hi Deanna,

      We went with Repose Gray for a significant portion of our home and adore it. It technically has a green undertone but really just reads as a warm gray….anywhere there’s warm light it’s definitely more of a “greige” but in cool light is a perfect gray. If I were you I would buy a big piece of foam board or something like that, paint it and move it around your room to see how it looks in different light. Do this for both colors and that should help you decide. BUT I think you would love Repose Gray :-)

      1. Hi Jenna, Thank you so much for your reply,after reading MANY post on Ropose gray (your’s was the last) I finally found my shade of Gray ROPOSE!!! love it perfect!!! Great Blog,very helpful. please keep posting, you have amazing taste. Now I’m thinking of doing accent wall, using Mindful gray :)

        1. Oh I’m so glad you love it, Deanna! It’s one of my all-time faves! Mindful Gray is stunning too…just be aware that it has a much stronger green undertone. Saying that, I have it in my dining room and love it :-)

  70. Hi, I’m thinking to paint my living room with repose gray but I’m looking for a different color for the dining room. Can you recommend a color that looks good with repose gray for a dining room. Also what color can I use for the trim. Thank you.

    1. Hi Johanny – do you have any type of color at all in mind? Gray, blue, etc? There’s A LOT of colors that would look great alongside Repose Gray. I can tell you that I’ve used Mindful Gray in dining room, which is a shade darker than Repose Gray but with a slightly stronger green undertone. Another beautiful (but pretty dark) color is Serious Gray by SW. It’s a dark gray with a lot of blue to it. Finally, a color like Light French Blue by Behr is a lovely gray/blue.


  71. Hi, Jenna. Your home is lovely! We have an east facing dining room with a vaulted ceiling and not much lighting. We’ve begun to decorate in an industrial/farmhouse style (if there is such a thing). I would like to use a deeper concrete-type gray on that tall wall, but just can’t decide whether to lean blue or warmer with the gray. I’d hate to be stuck with a too-blue color for the next 10 years until we can afford to hire a painter again :) And I don’t want it to cast a green tinge. Any thoughts?

    We are also painting the rest of the house and hope to try the Repose Gray, especially with our fieldstone fireplace. There is a tiny bit of eastern light, so it’s much darker in that room. Will we still see the gray tones or will it lean green with the warmer lighting we have?

    1. Hi Lauren!

      Repose Gray rarely leans green (despite technically having green undertones). I’ve used it extensively throughout my home without every seeing a hint of green. Mindful Gray, the next next color on the color card definitely has more green to it but you should be very safe with Repose Gray.

      In terms of a cement-like gray on the lighter spectrum there’s Gray Owl and Stonington Gray. Stonington can lean blue if you have a lot of cool light but if your space is not well lit you should be fine. I’ve used it in all the bedrooms in my home as well as my living room and it’s perfect. If you want something a little darker (closer to a wet cement color) then Sherwin Williams Gray Matters is really nice especially when contrasted with crisp white trim or white ceilings. If you don’t have great light in that space, Gray Matters is probably as dark as I would consider going.

      I hope that helps! Feel free to ask more questions if I wasn’t enough help :-)

  72. Thanks, Jenna! Looks great. The nursery has white chair rail, so I think we’re going to use Naval on the bottom and Repose on the top. I really love those colors paired with the crisp white (like your son’s crib!) Thanks again for sharing!

    1. Jenna. I want to try repose grey and will try a foam board first. I have beige taupe colour now and to me it looks dirty. Around my peaked roof windows is a dark brown. What I m thinking i i something in a aqua on those areas. What do you think ? Thanks????

      1. Hi Lynn – specific decorating questions will no longer be answered in the comments section. Please direct our question to your Decorating Facebook Group. Thank you!

  73. Yes, that looks great! Thanks, Jenna! We have white chair rail in the nursery and I think we’re going to go with Naval on the bottom and Repose on the top. I love them both too with that crisp white (like your son’s crib!) Thanks so much for sending!

  74. Julie Randle says:

    Love your repose gray and I’m going to try your decorator white on trim in bathroom. We are in renovation process and using some carrera marble in shower. Our vanity top is a cultured marble if we use repose gray as walls we would like to make vanity darker gray as a contrast… suggestions?

    1. Hi Julie, I’ve used both SW Serious Gray (which is a dark gray but is also kinda of blue) and BM Kendall charcoal as darker contrasts and they both look amazing. Kendall Charcoal is really dark though….BM Chelsea Gray is slightly lighter and would be a great color for a vanity. I hope that helps!

  75. Hi Jenna. I love repose gray and am wanting to paint our living room, dining room, and kitchen in it. We are getting new flooring in the kitchen (a beautiful greige looking wood), but unfortunately we cannot afford to replace the carpet in the living room and dining room quite yet. The carpeting is a tan/beige shag and I am worried it will class with the repose gray. What would you suggest?

    1. Hi Julia,

      It shouldn’t clash, as Repose Gray is a greige (gray with a beige undertone) so if anything it might just look a little too beige. However, with plenty of bright white trim you should be fine. Try to keep some contrast with other items in your space – beige throw pillows, beige curtains etc. and try to bring in some color where possible. I hope that helps!

  76. Am going to do Repose Gray in our living, dining, office, foyer and stairwell (all now are a creme/taupe). Our kitchen (which is off the dining room and visible from the family room) is red. I like the darker color in the kitchen but am not sure if red will go with Repose Gray. I want something with some contrast as it will essentially be the only room on the first level that is a different color. We live on the water and have lots of windows. What would you put with it? I’m not opposed to another red or maybe even a blue.

    1. Hi Renee,

      Red is a notoriously difficult color to pair with anything. Going from gray to red will always be quite jarring and not flow well and may pull undesirable undertones from the gray paint (ie make it look purplish). I suggest using a blue, mushroom or even a darker gray if you’re set on a more saturated color. We have paired Repose Gray with several gray/blues including Sherwin Williams Serious Gray, Sherwin Williams Naval(navy blue) and even Behr Light French Gray – and they all look beautiful and flow well.

      I hope that helps. If you need any other specific paint colors I’d be glad to help!

      1. Thank you so much! Now entering the debate of repose gray or agreeable gray. Fireplace has stones that are strong in beige and cream tones. Am leaning now toward agreeable gray as it seems warmer and less stark contrast. Also, wood floors have a honey color. Your thoughts?

        1. I’m in the same boat! What did you decide on? Agreeable or repose?

          1. We went with Repose Gray and love it!

  77. Leslie Saini says:

    Thank you for sharing this information. Very helpful! I do have a question. I’m struggling with trying to figure out what color trim to use with Repose Gray. Can’t decide if I should go bright white or something suttle ( Spare White SW)
    Hope to hear back from you!

    1. Hi Leslie,

      In our home we used BM Decorator’s White alongside the Repose Gray. It is a beautiful clean white that’s slightly on the warmer side. It’s the perfect white without ever looking cold. Another really popular white is Simply White but I’m definitely partial to Decorator’s White and I don’t think you can go wrong with it! By the way, you can get any of the BM colors mixed at the SW store (or Lowes/Home Depot) if you just tell them the name. Good luck!

  78. Thank you so much for your response :) What color paint are your black doors?

    1. Just saw the response… for some reason it didn’t show all of it the first time. :)

      I’m so indecisive whether to get repose gray or agreeable gray. I don’t want the walls to look blue nor beige. :/

      What do you think? You have great taste :)

      1. Hi Esme,

        Both have beige undertones so it will be hard to avoid that if you choose either. Saying that, they are both beautiful colors! The Repose Gray has less beige than the other but definitely still has a visible undertone, especially in warm light. If you have warm light, Stonington Gray is also a great choice that’s a solid gray (but in cool light has strong blue undertones). Gray Owl works really well in the majority of spaces and has way less discernible undertones than other colors.

        It’s SO hard for me to tell you which color to go for. You really need to try samples. For instance, Stonington Gray is the perfect gray in my living room but literally looks baby blue in my kitchen because of the cool light. A lot of the undertone issues are light dependant. Saying that, I have repose gray everywhere in my house and it always has a beige undertone.

        I hope that helps – I’m sorry that I can’t tell you which one to pick!!

  79. What is the color of your doors?

    1. Hi Esme – they are painted Decorator’s White by BM. The front door is Serious Gray by SW.

      1. How nice! I meant the dark doors… sorry. :)

  80. Maria Alvarado says:

    I have decided to paint my house..My house is 1,100 sq ft..I want a pretty clean gray…I love Seattle Gray and Repose Gray..Which one do you think it’s best?

    1. Hi Maria,

      I’ve never seen Seattle Gray in person but from what I can tell it’s pretty similar to Repose Gray – both are more on the “greige” spectrum than true grays – meaning they have warm beige undertones. I think both would look equally beautiful on an exterior but I suggest buying a sample pot of each to see which you prefer before committing.

  81. Amanda Amador says:

    I’m doing a play room and did it repose gray. I would like to add mountains but stuck on a color. I’ve thought about functional gray or Dorian gray. I like mindful gray but I’m thinking that might be to close together. But maybe it won’t. What’s your opinion?

    1. Hi Amanda,

      Mindful Gray is only slightly darker than Repose Gray so it depends how much of a contract you want. If want more of a “shadow” effect then Mindful would work but if you want substantially more contrast then I would go with Functional Gray as I believe it’s the darkest of the 3. Your best bet might be to grab some sample pots, paint some foam board (or something else small) and see which color works best. Colors can vary so much depending on your lighting situation!

  82. Valerie Davis says:

    We are about to paint our livingroom and kitchen Repose gray. Just wondering if Dorian gray would be a good accent color to paint around our fireplace and under our bar area?? Both look great on the swatch together but up on our wall one looks baby blue and there other a dark gray. So torn what to do because our livingroom has tons of natural light with huge windows. Help please!!

    1. Hi Valerie,

      Swatches can be tricky. You’re better off purchasing sample pots and seeing what the paint looks like in your light. We used SW Serious Gray as our accent color in our living room but it definitely has blue undertones. I haven’t seen Dorian Gray in person but what I’ve seen it should look nice with the Repose Gray. Mindful Gray which is a shade darker than Repose Gray is a great accent color, too!

  83. I’m going to paint my house mostly all Repose Gray. But I’d like to paint the entry a light aqua blue sort of color. Maybe Jamestown from SW? Any recommendations would be appreciated it’s a pretty open floor plan. Also would like a different color for Master bedroom and bath but don’t know where to start!!

  84. Hi! I’m buying a home that has dorian grey cabinets. i’m not thrilled with this but oh well! :) currently the walls are this really odd yellow creamy color that really doesn’t go with the cabinets. I’d like to paint it a white that is complimentary to the dorian grey. there’s not a TON of natural light, but some and don’t want the white to look dingy. any suggestions? I know that dorian is just a little darker than the repose (which i love). Thanks!

    1. Hi Emily! Our entire hallway has wainscoting, so it’s half white and half Repose Gray. The white we’ve used is BM’s Decorator’s White which is a lovely crisp bright white that never looks dingy. I hope that helps! :-)

  85. Hi! I am thinking of painting my foyer Agreeable Gray. It opens to our living room/dining room and we are thinking of painting that space Repose Gray or Tinsmith. We are struggling to figure out which to go with. It’s a big space and we aren’t very adventurous with color.

    1. Hi Stephanie,

      I have never seen Tinsmith in real life so I can’t give you much advice there – however, Agreeable gray has nice warm undertones like the Repose Gray does so they will definitely work well together!

  86. Did you use a SW white with your repose gray in the kitchen. I’m stuck!

    1. Hi Lori – all the white in my home is BM Decorator’s White in Pearl finish. I hope that helps!

      1. what is pearl finish? How is that different from Semigloss?

        1. Hi Ruthann,

          Benjamin Moore refer to their satin finish as a pearl finish and is usually about 25/30% gloss. It is not as glossy as a semi-gloss but closer to a satin.

  87. Hello, can I use this for both living and hallway? What would be a good accent wall color with this in a living room? Mindful gray or Dorian? Pls help.

    1. Hi Mj!

      We used it in both our kitchen and hallway which are adjoining, so absolutely! Both Mindful gray and Dorian Gray are just a little bit darker so work really well without being too dark.

  88. Hello, I am planning on using repose grey in my living room/dining/kitchen but I can’t seem to find a color for my foyer/entry way! I want it to be light and airy when you walk in but since repose grey is already light I keep picking dark colors so that there is some kind of contrast! And I like cooler greys but am nervous it will clash with the beige tones in the repose grey. Do you have any ideas?

    1. Hi Sasha,

      We have Stonington Gray (Ben Mooore) in adjoining rooms to where we have Repose Gray and they look great together! Stonington Gray is more of a true gray than Repose Gray (which is a greige) and has some blue undertones. Another great gray is Gray Owl by Benjamin Moore. I suggest you grab a couple of samples and see what they look like in your home before you commit to any color. Good luck!

  89. What color did you paint the trim?

    1. Hi Diana,

      Our trim is Decorators White by Benjamin Moore.

      1. Sharon Heaps says:

        Hello! I see your trim is Benjamin Moore. What line did you use for the trim? And what gloss? Semi? Pearl? Too many choices! I used their recommended trim paint which is water based and it goes on streaky.

        1. Hi Sharon! We used BM Aura Line in the pearl finish. It has a very quick drying time so you have to work quickly but goes on amazing :-)

          1. Sharon Heaps says:

            I only see the regal select in the pearl finish for Benjamin Moore.

            Panic I need to buy now!!! ????

          2. We’ve used regal a bunch too and it’s awesome! I will double check the canisters…I could be wrong with the pearl/aura!

          3. Just checked…you’re right! We used Regal/pearl for the trim, not Aura! :-)

  90. I’m thinking of painting our living room and hall this grey but all the pictures I see with the gray is white woodwork- we have oak with no plans to change that. Dobyoubthinkcthe gray will look ok with oak?

    1. Hi Shirley,

      I think because of the undertones when it’s paired with oak it will look closer to a beige than a gray. If you’re looking for a “truer” gray then Gray Owl might work well. I always recommend buying sample pots first because you never really know what it will look like until you see it in your own light!

    2. Marnie Brown says:


      What gray did you go with? I had the same question as you!

  91. I really like that gray. It looks almost lavender in certain areas. I have to have this in my house.

    1. Hi, Jenna. Just discovered your blog today. Love it! I too LOVE repose gray and have used it in several spaces in my house. I saw where you said you used it with SW naval as well. I am contemplating combining the two for my new baby’s nursery. Would you consider sharing a photo of your space with the two colors? Thank you!!

      1. Hi Mandi! Thanks so much for your kind words! Yes, Repose Gray is awesome, right? We used Naval for the accent wall in my son’s room, the other color being BM Stonington Gray but Repose Gray would totally work, too. This is the only pictureI have right now but hopefully it will give you an idea.

        xo Jenna

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