Get the mail off the counter with this easy DIY wall mail organizer and stop losing important bills amidst all the clutter! 

No amount of snow, rain or heatwave conditions stops the mailman from delivering your daily pile of mail. Whether it’s bills, junk mail, local newspapers or supermarket circulars.

And maybe you’re not always diligent about sorting your mail. Instead, the papers pile up for a week on your kitchen countertop, until one careless move sends an avalanche of papers to the floor ( or worse yet, accidentally in the trash!)

Sound familiar? 

What if you created something beautiful to hold the few important items in this slew of mail? You’d finally have a visible, yet out-of-the-way place for them and you can toss the rest! Plus, you’d be better organized as a result.

I adore the Rustic Picture Frames that I made for our living room and they inspired me to make a simple Wall Mail Organizer that could solve my clutter problem. 

This is quick project – it took an hour from start to finish. It’s functional and also adds a rustic farmhouse feel to my kitchen

What You’ll Need

  • metal mail basket (or any other basket that you like). I got mine at Michael’s for $6 
  • 6  1 x 3 boards cut to the length of your choice. 
  • 2-4 pieces of thin plywood (for braces) 
  • Wood glue 
  • Stain (I used this) and rags 
  • Sandpaper 
  • Saw 
  • Screwdriver
  • Sawtooth Hanger 
  • Screws 

Directions for the DIY Wall Mail Organizer

Stain The Wood

  1. Start by putting a coat of stain on all the boards.  
  1. Immediately wipe it off ¾ of them.  
  1. Let it sit for 20 minutes on the remainder before wiping off. This will allow for a different depth of color on the boards. 
  1. Also stain and sand the edges to soften the look. Feel free to distress or add paint for extra rustic charm! 

Reinforce The Back

  1. Using wood glue, place two braces on the backs. I used thin plywood for the braces so that the piece would sit almost flush against the wall. 
  1. Weigh them down with something heavy so that the glue bonds correctly. 

Attach Sawtooth Hanger and Basket

  1. Make sure you attach the sawtooth hanger to the back before you screw the basket to the front! 
  1. When you add the basket, you’ll want your screws to be no longer than ¾ inches long; otherwise, they will go right through the wood as you screw them into the basket. The wood itself is only three-quarters of an inch thick. 

Now it’s ready to hang on the wall!  

When your mail person visits, sort your mail quickly, dump the clutter and display only your important bills and letters in this lovely DIY mail organizer! 

Other Ideas For Using The Mail Organizer

This DIY mail organizer could also hold all your kids’ letters and papers from school. Use longer pieces of wood and attach multiple baskets for each kiddo. When they come home from school, all those flyers and letters can be placed immediately in the basket! The teacher in me loves being organized! 

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