10 Ideas For Decorating Over Your Bed


Looking for some fun and creative ways on how to decorate over your bed?  Maybe you have a large blank space and need some inspiration on how to fill it?

Having a large space right over your bed can leave your bedroom feeling unfinished. There’s many ways you can decorate that blank space, so let’s check out these 10 Ideas for decorating over your bed!

Wanting decor that will take center stage in your bedroom? Creating a wow factor is easier than you may think! By simply adding a large print or a piece of artwork, you can change the entire feel of the space.

Work of Art

A classic way to add some style to your bedroom walls is to add wallpaper and wainscoting. You can add wainscoting half halfway up the wall, and add wallpaper or for a big impact.


Juju hats are a symbol of prosperity. This Juju hat is really a great focal point above the bed. It adds softness and the perfect amount of texture.

Ju Ju Hats

This color has been around for a while and its versatility makes it a great option inside your home. This sophisticated shade of white will bring a warm and cozy feeling to your space.

Mirror Wall

Maybe you want to bring more of a vintage farmhouse look to your bedroom. This is a fun way to utilize your bedroom wall space. Skip the wall art an opt to use vintage doors as a headboard.

Vintage Doors