11 Ingenious Ways to Organize A Small Bedroom on a Budget


If you’re trying to figure out how to organize a small bedroom on a budget, these 11 ingenious tips and tricks will get you there in no time!

Especially if you have a small closet, you need to make the most out of every inch of valuable space and that means that one measly hanging rail won’t cut it.

 Install a Closet Organization System 

If your closet isn’t big enough for a system like this but you find you have a lot of wasted space inside, another great idea is to add your own shelving.

DIY Additional Closet Shelving

Using felt hangers (like these) is another favorite closet organization tip of mine. Unlike plastic or wire hangers, felt ones don’t allow your clothes to slip off. 

Use Felt Hangers

Every organized bedroom has a closet. If your bedroom doesn’t have a closet, the good news is all you have to do is make one!

 If You Don’t Have a Closet, Make One!

Dresser drawer organizers are such a simple way to store items and keep those drawers full of socks, underwear and all of your other stuff. 

Organize Your Drawers with Inexpensive Dividers

If you’re still short on space when it comes to your dresser, don’t forget to rotate out your seasonal clothes.

Folding Your Clothes Correctly Maximizes Space & Looks Better