17 of The Best Light Gray Paint Colors


When it comes to creating a modern and chic atmosphere, light gray paint colors are a popular choice for a good reason. 

SW City Loft, a unique blend between warm gray and taupe, is perfect for those who shy away from traditional beiges.

Sherwin Williams City Loft

SW Crushed Ice is a complex warm gray that changes character with the light. With an LRV of 66, it’s adaptable to various spaces. 

Sherwin Williams Crushed Ice 

SW Drift of Mist, with its soft taupe hint, has an LRV of 66, ideal for less naturally lit spaces. I recommend it for creating a serene vibe in living rooms and bedrooms due to its soothing and adaptable nature.

 Sherwin Williams Drift of Mist

SW Incredible White appears as a very light gray with a slight taupe and pink/violet undertone. It’s perfect for living rooms, as I’ve found in my own home, providing a warm yet bright backdrop.

 Sherwin Williams Incredible White 

SW On The Rocks is a neutral gray with subtle undertones. If you’re looking for a “true” gray, this is a great choice. With an LRV of 62, it’s a great all-rounder.

Sherwin Williams On The Rocks 

BM Shoreline’s LRV of 70.24 is perfect for creating a bright, airy vibe. I like this paint color as a choice for bathrooms and bedrooms or living rooms, where its tranquil nature shines.

Benjamin Moore Shoreline