18 Clever Garage Storage Ideas


If your garage needs a serious overhaul, set aside time to put it right with these genius organization ideas.

If you have tools in your garage, pegboard is always a great solution. No matter the size of your garage, pegboard will fit. Use a variety of hooks and baskets to hold tools and paint supplies.

Use Pegboards

Utilize as much vertical storage space as possible. This gets items off the floor where you need the extra space. For example, toys, bikes, strollers. Mount shelves and add bins for toys, etc.

Add Shelves

Bikes take up valuable floor space. Install a bike rack on the wall or the ceiling, to get them up off the floor.

Hang Bikes Up

A track system allows for multiple hooks, shelves and other components. The bonus of using a track system is that you can maneuver the components as your needs change.

Use a Track System

A little garage workstation is the perfect spot to fix broken items, get project supplies together and so on. If space doesn’t permit for a full workbench, opt for one that folds down flat against the wall.

Create a Workstation or Workbench

Metal shelving units are perfect for storing paint cans an other larger items. Use baskets to corral excess supplies of paper towel, toilet papers, water, etc.

Use Metal Shelving Units