21 Cheap Flooring Ideas For Your Home


Updating the floors in your home doesn’t have to mean a massively expensive and time-consuming undertaking. 

There’s so many options available that are both budget-friendly and DIY friendly. Here are some of my favorite affordable flooring DIYs and ideas.

Budget-friendly Flooring Ideas

Painting floors is a fantastic option for improving the look of your space without the need for expensive replacements. Whether you have worn-out hardwood floors, outdated tile, or drab concrete, a fresh coat of paint can breathe new life into your floors.

Painted Floors

I must say, the design of the Walmart River Oaks patio set is absolutely stunning. The wicker material gives it a classic yet modern look that perfectly matches our outdoor space.

Painted Linoleum

If you’ve recently removed carpet and now all that’s left is the plywood subfloor – paint it! This is a great way to live with what you have until you decide (or can afford) to do what you really want. 

Painted Plywood Floor

A stenciled floor can transform any space, plus it’s an easy DIY! With a little creativity and some paint, you can achieve intricate patterns or even mimic the look of expensive tiles and hardwood. 

Stenciled Floors

You can go with any color your heart desires, even turquoise like this room. This is a popular technique for outdoor concrete slabs but why not do it indoors, too!

Acid Stained Concrete Floors