24 Best Christmas Tree Collar Ideas (2023)


Over the past few years, using a Christmas tree collar has become a more popular option than the traditional Christmas tree skirt of years past. 

Woven tree collars are my personal favorite style as they fit with any of the home decor styles, but particularly with my more coastal style of decorating.

Woven Tree Collars

Metal tree collars, and in particular galvanized tree collars, lend themselves to more of a farmhouse or industrial look. 

Metal Tree Collars

A wooden Christmas tree collar is another way to bring a touch of rustic to your Christmas decor.

Wooden Tree Collars

Most versions are hinged collars, so you can open them at 2 or 3 points to easily put around your real or artificial tree. However, if your collar is one piece, ensure that you put it around the base of the Christmas tree prior to putting the rest of the tree up.

How Do They Fit Around a Tree?

Ultimately, this is a personal preference. Tree collars are more popular in 2023, and traditional tree skirts less so.

Tree Collars Versus Tree Skirts

Absolutely! In fact, it’s a great idea to stop pets (or small children!) messing with the water or getting under and up the tree.

Can I use a Real Tree With a Tree Collar?