5 Reasons Your Home Decor Does Not Look Cohesive


Have you ever wondered why the spaces in your home don’t flow? Or why stepping from your kitchen into your living room gives you a jarring sensation?

Here are 5 Reason Why your House does not feel Cohesive


A whole home color palette is essential to creating a cohesive look. Without this defined color palette, your rooms will not flow and your entire home will feel disjointed.

You Do Not Have a Whole House Color Palette

Yes, you can mix metals and different woods as long as they appear several times and look intentional. However, I suggest picking one and keeping that as the dominant “earth” element in that room.

You Have Not Consistently Used Wood, Metals or  Neutral Elements

When it comes to decorating, many people don’t have a good sense of their personal style. As a result, their homes look like a copycat of someone else’s or have no sense of cohesiveness.

You Haven’t Figured Out Your Personal Decorating Style

We live in a time of inspiration overload thanks to Pinterest and shows like Fixer Upper. With so many beautiful and inspirational spaces out there, it’s easy to fall into the trap of being a slave to trends.

You’re a Slave to Trends

Before you start to dream of paint swatches or the perfect pop of color for that room – figure out how you need that space to work.

You’ve Not Decorated with Intention