Basement Refresh


It doesn’t take a lot to completely transform the look of a room. With a few furniture switches and some cozy touches, you can make any space look good.

My 5 year old loves to draw and build Lego, but he’s always spread out all over our dining room table right before dinner and gets upset when he has to remove a half-built creation.

In addition to needing the extra storage, I wanted a desk down here where he can “work” and not have to immediately tidy up.

After moving out the incredibly heavy sideboard, and assembling some new furniture, my basement looks functional and beautiful, and the addition of the table lamp adds so much coziness to this previously neglected side of the room.

I’ve been incredibly surprised at the quality of the bookcases. Yes, they look stunning but they are also extremely heavy and sturdy.

I love the arched detail and the grooved wood detail. It adds the perfect amount of texture and interest to make a pretty piece of furniture truly stunning.

The cabinets below offer the perfect amount of storage for all the kids’ puzzles and games as well as a few bins of Lego. The shelves above give me a fun moment to decorate while a few baskets corral more toys.