11 Best Bathroom Paint Colors


There’s something about the right color paint that can turn even the most boring bathroom into a spa-like retreat. 

Sea Salt is one of the most popular bedroom and bathroom colors of the past few years. It makes the room feel very tranquil and beach-like, and works wonderfully well alongside lots of bright, crisp whites.

1. Sherwin Williams Sea Salt

One of my personal favorite paint color choices of all time, Behr’s Reflecting Pool is a very soft blue-gray color. It works just as well with dark wood tones as it does with bright whites, and is a wonderful color to brighten up a dark space.

2. Behr Reflecting Pool

Boothbay Gray is a lovely blue-gray with (at times) a light green undertone. More often than not, it will lean into the blue side of things.

3. Benjamin Moore Boothbay Gray

If Sherwin Williams Sea Salt is my number 1 bathroom wall color with clients, Rainwashed certainly comes in a close second. It’s significantly more green than Sea Salt with a lot less gray.

4. Sherwin Williams Rainwashed

Is it a dark blue or dark gray? Serious Gray is one of those fun paint colors that can go either way depending on the light.

5. Sherwin Williams Serious Gray

Healing Aloe is a very light green-gray with the tiniest bit of blue thrown in for good measure.

6. Benjamin Moore Healing Aloe