Bathroom Vanity Makeover


I opted to give my existing vanity a new look with some cabinet paint, spray paint and a new faucet instead of blowing my budget.

This is such an easy project to do. I promise you, if you follow these steps you’ll get a beautifully painted vanity, too.

I’m using my number one recommended paint for my bathroom vanity, too. Benjamin Moore Advance paint is an alkyd paint. It basically acts like an oil-based paint without being a oil-based paint!

For the vanity, I chose the same paint color that we used on our kitchen island and pantry cabinets, Benjamin Moore Boothbay Gray.

-  A quart of Benjamin Moore   Advance paint. -  220 – 400 grit sandpaper -  A tack cloth -  Paintbrush  -  Roller made for very smooth   surfaces -  A cleaner that will remove   grease and dirt

What You’ll Need

Remove the drawers and hardware. Clean the entire vanity to remove any grease or dirt. Lightly sand the entire surface to scuff up the finish and enable the paint to properly adhere. Clean the sanding dust with a vacuum and then a tack cloth.

How to Paint The Vanity

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The easiest way to update a vanity’s hardware is to spray paint it. Matte black or any shade of gold work well.

Vanity Hardware & Faucet