Beautiful Backsplash Ideas For Kitchens


Choosing a stylish backsplash that works well with your white cabinetry will not only make your kitchen design gorgeous, but will highlight the classic beauty of your cabinets, too!

Are you looking for something modern and trendy? Or classic and refined? Are your white cabinets a stark bright white with cool undertones? Or are they a warmer, creamier white?

Determine Your Color Scheme and Style

Embrace cooler tones in your kitchen by using marble for the backsplash. It provides a natural, sleek beauty no matter the design and helps your kitchen feel pristine and luxurious.

Marble Backsplash 

Bringing outside inside is one of my favorite elements in decorating. Raw stone, stacked stone, layered brick are all rustic backsplash options that may fit your style perfectly.

Brick and Stone Backsplash

Concerned all white cabinets will be boring? Add a pop of color! Create a focal point with a bright backsplash of blue, green accent tiles of bright orange. The beauty of white cabinets is that they can go with any color.

Colorful Backsplash Ideas

Want to add intrigue while making your kitchen space feel larger? Mirrors do both! You can find mirrored tile, or simply have reflective glass custom designed for your mirrored backsplash.

Mirrored Backsplash Ideas