Beautiful DIY Clay Christmas Ornaments For Kids


Make these homemade clay ornaments with the kids this holiday season!

These air dry clay ornaments are a great project to make, not too messy (easy to clean up anyway!) and can be customized any number of ways. They really could not make it easier.

Air Dry Clay Ornament Dough

First things first, roll out that clay! The best way to know when you’ve rolled enough is when the dough looks about 1/4 inch thick. I suggest rolling on top of parchment or wax paper for less mess.

Roll Out Air Dry Clay

Go ahead and cut out however many circles you’d like to work with from your white clay. To avoid rough edges, use a cookie cutter for even shapes and clean cuts. 

Use a Cookie Cutter to Form Circles

Because I’m a bit of a control freak and I still wanted these kid-friendly ornaments to look nice on my tree, I provided the tools necessary to make them look pretty – these stunning cookie stamps.

Cookie Stamp Designs

Using a skewer, paper clip or even sharp pencil, create a hole in which string will go through to hang ornaments. Don’t add the string yet – we want them solidified and completely dry first!

Create a Hole for String

The drying process is an easy one. Simply transfer the cutouts to fresh parchment paper and leave alone for at least 24 hours. 

 Let Dry for 24-48 Hours