13 Beautiful Kitchen Runner Rugs


Adding a runner rug to your kitchen is the perfect way to add some color and texture, and it can completely transform how your space looks!

What Type of Runner Should I Get? While choosing rugs for a kitchen is whether it’s machine washable, or at least a durable material that can be hosed off outside and withstand staining. 

If everything else in your kitchen is neutral, consider adding a pop of color with your runner. It’s such a simple way to introduce new colors and doesn’t require a long-term commitment!

How To Choose a Rug Color?

My Top Kitchen Runner Choices

Usually I would stay away from such a light colored rug in the kitchen, but if a bold black and white geometric print is what you want, then this washable rug is a must-have.

1. White Moroccan Washable Runner Rug

Blue and white stripes are always a good choice in my opinion! This pretty rug will add a coastal feel to any kitchen and instantly brighten up the space.

2. Striped Cotton Runner Rug

I absolutely love it. It’s machine washable so I can throw it in the washing machine AND dryer every few months once spills and stains pop up..

3. Kamran Coral Rug