Before and After Garage Makeover (Ideas to Inspire)


You won’t believe your eyes when you see the before and afters of this garage makeover. 

This was my garage floor prior to starting this garage renovation project. I’m pretty embarrassed to share these photos with you and the only reason I am is that it no longer looks like this!

Before Photos

Today I’m happy to present some concepts I utilized to make this garage space much more visually appealing and most importantly, functional!

Garage Makeover Ideas

Now that you are left with the things in your garage you actually love and use, it’s time to organize!

Use Storage Bins

When it comes to garage organization, getting outdoor items up off the floor and vertically onto the wall is the best way to gain additional storage.

 Go Vertical

One of the most effective ways we organized our garage was with sturdy wall racks and hooks specific for our needs.

Wall Rack and Hooks

Shelves help you stay vertical with your storage and provide a place for those bins. Larger items that don’t blend well with storage bins can also be placed on shelves to get them out of the way efficiently.

Add Shelving