Best Paint Colors For Kitchens With Dark Cabinets


Dark kitchen cabinets are a great way to bring drama and moodiness to your kitchen, & right paint color will complement them!

Black cabinets usually fall into neutral territory, or depending on the color, can swing slightly warm or cool.

What Color Cabinets Do You Have?

If you have a lot of cool northern light, you may want to steer clear of blue-toned paint colors that will make the room feel cold, and instead opt for a warmer white or at least more neutral undertoned color.

Think About Your Natural Light

While white paint can bring more light into your space, it will help bounce around the light you have, thus creating a brighter looking room. Darker colors will absorb the light and not reflect it back into the room.

I personally think that this kitchen remodel from Arrows & Bow is the perfect blend of darker cabinets and light touches.

For really dark brown or black cabinets, accenting with bright white creates a modern vibe. It’s a cool, high contrast look is great for modern spaces.

White Paint Colors

If you have dark or medium wood cabinets, try a color palette that brings out the warmth in the wood. Lighter neutrals with a warm undertone emphasize the warmth in the cabinet.

Warm Neutral Paint Colors

I always prefer to keep walls simple and neutral and bring in bright colors through accent pieces. Art, decorative objects and even appliances can add a pop of color to an otherwise neutral space.

Accessories and Accents