The Best Paint Colors For Dark Rooms


Paint is a relatively inexpensive way to completely transform a room, and dark rooms are no exception.

- Determine why the room is dark (no windows, north facing or light is blocked by what’s outside the windows). - Add more artificial light if needed.

How Do You Make a Dark Room Look Brighter?

- Is it a north-facing room? Or is it an east-facing room that only gets morning light? – Does it have little natural light because of minimal windows or because it’s a basement room? – Is the light blocked by hills or buildings outside the window?

Why Is Your Room Dark?

The mood or feeling that you want your room to convey should be your first consideration before you even think about paint colors, as it will dictate the color you end up choosing that perfectly matches our outdoor space.

Determine The Mood or Feeling You Want In The Room

I’ve slowly been adding lighter neutrals and lighter furniture and accessories to the rooms in my home because they make so many of these spaces feel bigger and brighter.

Getting a Light and Airy Feel in a Low-Light Room

The reason rooms with white paint look so bright and fresh is that the light in those rooms reflects off the walls and bounces around the room. In contrast, a room with black walls will absorb the light so no light will bounce around.

Why Painting Your Walls White Is Not Always The Answer

If you want to keep the wall color as light as possible, I prefer light, neutral paint colors to lighten a room, and particularly paint colors with a warm yellow or beige undertone.

What Colors Work Best in a Low Light Room To Make it Brighter?