Breakfast Nook Ideas


As part of our upcoming kitchen remodel, we will be eliminating our current formal dining room, and converting it into two rooms – a walk-in pantry and an office

Demo has not started yet, so I’m still trying to figure out exactly how I want this new breakfast nook/kitchen nook to look. My initial vision for this space included a large round pedestal table, floor to ceiling windows and a show-stopping light fixture.

Then I fell in love with this framed breakfast nook with rustic beams from The Lilypad Cottage. She does, however, have a full dining room set up on the other side of her kitchen. I will only have the one space.

I still love the idea of a round pedestal table, but it’s probably not ideal for guests, so we are going to work with our current rectangular table and see how that works.

The following inspiration image is more realistic with how our final design will probably look, albeit we’ll have a smaller table (I think).

I love how Michael from Inspired by Charm oriented his dining room table. It’s directly off his kitchen, like mine will be, and similar to how we will have to place our table to make the most of our space.

I’m excited for demo to begin in the next month or so! I know once the walls are opening up I will be able to get a better idea of how to space will be able to function for us. I’m sure no matter what, it will be beautiful and we are so thankful that we can even afford to do this remodel! AD