Brilliant Ideas For Organizing Small Spaces


Living in a small house or apartment can certainly have its perks, but lack of space to store everything may not be one of them. But don’t worry, these brilliant ideas will certainly help!

Living in a small space means that you’re going to be short on floor space. The solution? Go vertical. Pegboards are a great way to create a functional use of wall space.  

Pegboard Organizers

This little hack is what happens when a command hook and a binder clip have a baby. It’s so darn smart and cheap, too!

Utilize Binder Clips For Hanging or Organizing Small Things

If you’re using other wall space for something like pegboards, don’t forget about your corners! Even small shelves in corners can give you some storage options to help organize things like books or items in a bedroom, office or kid’s room.

Use Corner Shelves

A nursery, craft space, bedroom, kitchen, or even bathroom will benefit from one of these handy dandy rolling carts.

Add A Utility Cart

Wall hooks are another way to get in that vertical storage and use extra wall space to organize your jewelry.

Add Wall Hooks For Jewelry Organization

Whether you build it or DIY it, using the doors of closets for storage space is so helpful. Closet door storage has come a long way from just the over the door hanging shoe pockets.

Use Doors For Added Vertical Storage Space