Caraway Cookware Review (After 2 Years)


If you’ve been debating whether or not to buy the set, you’ll want to read this first!

Why I Love my Caraway Cookware Set So Much


The big selling point for me is that it’s naturally slick and incredibly non-stick. You need so little butter or oil for cooking, and food cleans right off

Non-Stick & So Easy To Clean

They heat evenly and don’t have cool spots that result in unevenly cooked food. So definitely keep that in mind! I went from frying an egg on medium-high to having to bring my stove temperature closer to low.

Heats Quickly

You’ll find a color that works without your home decor and fits perfectly in with your kitchen. It’s not often that functional kitchen items actually look pretty sitting out, but Caraway Cookware does!

Beautiful Colors

When you purchase the full set, it comes with an awesome magnetic organizer and a handy canvas lid holder. The organizer is nice enough to sit on your countertop, or you can put it inside a cabinet. 

Easy to Organize

he pots and pans all have stainless steel handles, and can get really hot. I guess previously most of my frying pans had rubber handles. 

CON: Handles Can Get Really Hot