Master Bathroom Makeover (on a budget)


My impromptu master bathroom makeover is complete!

I spray-painted the hardware gold and switched up the faucet from chrome to satin nickel. This was an inexpensive way to get a whole new look without having to get rid of a perfectly good vanity.

Painted Vanity

White oak floating shelves not only add more storage, but have the added benefit of drawing the eye up, which makes the ceilings appear taller than they are. These shelves were an inexpensive find on Amazon and I highly recommend them for the price! 

Floating Shelves

The shower was, of course, the reason for this entire project. I’m thrilled with how it turned out and for the first time in 7 years, I actually enjoy showering in here!

The Shower

Planning your own bathroom makeover? Here’s my best tips to spread your budget the furthest:

Budget Bathroom Makeover Tips

Don’t start pulling tile off the walls unless you really have to. You may damage your walls and replacing the sheetrock will cost you time and money. If your tile is in good shape, a white epoxy made especially for painting tile is a cost effective way to get a fresh look.

If you’re definitely doing new tile, consider sticking with a simple subway tile like I did. Opt for a 3 x 12 tile that looks more expensive than the basic 3 x 6, and use a fancier tile for the shower floor and/or shampoo niche if you want to add a bit of wow factor.