How to Choose a Whole House Color Scheme


Why is a whole house color scheme important? Through my experience, homes that have consistency in the use of colors flow much better. 

Decide on 2 -3 of your absolute favorite colors. If you’re going to use them throughout your home, you’d better really like them! 

Before You Start

Decide what mood you want to convey throughout your home. Relaxed, dramatic, romantic, etc. This will help guide you in terms of color saturation (how intense/bright the color is) and how much of it you use.

Where it is Monochromatic, Analogous or Complementary color schedule, choose any for your whole house color scheme.

Types of Color Schemes

If you like to change up your decor frequently then it is especially important that you keep your walls a light neutral color.

Picking Your Whole House Color Scheme

When I say neutral don’t immediately start thinking “beige”. There’s so many colors that can be a “neutral”For instance, my neutral is gray – every room in my home is some variation of gray. .


Blue is my absolutely favorite color. I’ve always been drawn to blue and I know I will never tire of it.This color scheme falls into the analogous category, since yellow (cream), green and blue are next to each other on the color wheel.

Example of My Whole House Color Scheme

The shades used in the living room, while completely adhering to my color palette, are more muted and not as saturated as some other parts of the house.