How to Choose a Rug Color For Your Bedroom


Choosing a new rug for your bedroom doesn’t have to cause a headache. Once you consider a few simple things, picking the perfect rug color and rug style will be a breeze!

Understanding these fixed elements is an important first step to finding a rug that will work with what you’ve already got.

Consider What You’re Working With

If you’re starting from scratch, take a look in your wardrobe. What types of colors do you like to dress in? You’ll usually gravitate towards these colors for decorating, too. 

What types of colors do you usually decorate with?

If you already have bed linens and throw pillows in the room that you want to keep, finding a rug with some of those colors in it is the easiest way to go.

Work With The Colors Already Present

A bold statement rug will have a vibrant pop of color and maybe also a pattern. It may be one or two colors, or have several.

Do You Want To Create a Focal Point With Your Rug?

A large rug in a bright color or busy pattern will make a small room feel smaller.

How Big is Your Bedroom?

Natural fibers like wool, jute and hemp can give your room an earthy, boho vibe and add a new texture to the space.

Consider Texture