Christmas Bathroom Decorating Ideas


Whether you have five minutes or five dollars to spare, you can decorate your bathroom for Christmas

Tree clippings are a great way to bring some greenery into your bathroom. You can use them as a hanging decoration, add them to your bathroom vanity countertop, or you can stick some in a vase or smaller cup.

Add Greenery

To reduce visual clutter, you can put all of your Christmas items on a tray or basket. That way, the tray can move around the space, and everything doesn’t end up in one place.

Corral Items on a Tray

It doesn’t take a whole lot to make your bathroom ready for the Christmas holiday.

Keep it Simple

Think Color Palette Over Christmas Theme

If you’re not big on having Christmas patterns or prints everywhere, just bring in the color of the season.

Even though your bathroom may be closed off to the rest of your house, be sure that the decor in your bathroom feels cohesive with the rest of your home.

Keep a Cohesive Color Palette

A little goes a long way when it comes to bathroom decorating ideas for the holidays, so don’t be afraid to pull out your favorite Christmas decoration – or two!