Christmas Mantel Decor Ideas (2023)


This year I challenged myself to try the asymmetrical garland trend, and to try something different from my usual Norfolk pine.

The stockings are all old – the plaid ones are from Target last year (these Amazon stockings are almost identical), and knit one is from Target from a few years ago, too.

Ever since we got our new couch a few months ago, I have loved how light and bright this room finally feels.

I’m also loving the overall color scheme I have going on, with subtle touches of blue, wood tones and brown, so I wanted to incorporate that into my Christmas decor to avoid having to switch anything out that may clash.

The garland would have been beautiful left as is, but I wanted to bring in those shades of blue and brown, so I added some faux blueberry picks, faux juniper (mine are from afloral and are sold out in the small size, these ones are similar and these too), some mini pinecones (that I wrapped out floral wire) and some faux eucalyptus. 

I’ve made the mistake of using lights with silver, gold or copper wire in the past. This year I remembered to get the ones with the green wire. Once the wire is tucked into the garland it becomes invisible and the twinkle of the lights is just perfect!

I also switched out the art on my Frame TV, which is my favorite quick way to instantly update my living room!