The Best Paint Colors For Dark Rooms


Paint is a relatively inexpensive way to completely transform a room, and dark rooms are no exception.

Yes! If it’s done right. Sometimes working with what you have in an already dark room is easier than fighting it.

Can You Paint a Dark Room a Dark Color?

The Best White Paint Colors For Dark Rooms

Light Yellow Arrow

Pure White is a soft white that works in virtually any space. In warmer light, the warm tones are amplified and in cooler light, its slight gray base becomes more apparent. 

Sherwin Williams Pure White

Another beautiful light but warm paint color. Artificial light will bring out more of the yellow tones but that may be a good thing in a particularly dark and dull room.

Benjamin Moore Swiss Coffee

Incredibly popular for good reason, Classic Gray works in almost any space. It’s a beautiful warm gray that still reads like a neutral gray.

Benjamin Moore Repose Gray, lightened by 50%

Benjamin Moore Pale Oak is an incredibly popular creamy shade of greige. While it has the tendency to lean slightly pink in some lights, it’s a great neutral paint color to warm up darker spaces. 

Benjamin Moore Pale Oak