How to Decorate a Large Wall


Stop staring at that massive blank wall and do something about it! Decorating a large blank wall doesn’t have to be overwhelming – there’s so many great ways to add your unique style and personality!

The idea of using a large piece of artwork to break up that large wall is a classic and versatile touch to any home. It gives you the opportunity to really channel your individual taste and style and choose a piece of art that speaks to you.

Large Scale Art

A gallery wall is a wonderful way of displaying a selection of your family portraits, most well-loved art pieces or even your own DIY art. It’s a great way to break up a large wall in a living room, bedroom, dining room or even a hallway.

Gallery Wall

Floor mirrors are a perfect wall decoration idea for a narrow space where you can’t add a piece of furniture. If you have tall ceilings – the bigger the mirror, the better! Make it a statement piece so that it looks intentional in your space, and not an after thought.

Incorporate Large Mirrors

Picture frame moulding is my one of personal favorite ways to add interest to a large wall. It adds just enough texture to eliminate the “boring” but by painting it the same color as the wall, it doesn’t detract from the rest of the surroundings.

Picture Frame Moulding

Board and batten is another inexpensive way to add interest to a large, blank wall. This is such a popular choice for many homes and it’s can be a relatively cheap and easy way to really transform a large room and creates an expensive, well styled look which will last in terms of style and quality.

Board and Batten

Layering different textures can be a really fun and creative way to style a large wall and is also a great way to add some color and dimension to a space. I’ve seen this done successfully in every room of the house, including in kitchens!

Layer it Up