DIY Pom Pom Pillow


Add coziness to your couch or bedroom with this easy to make DIY pom pom throw pillow cover. Not only does it look fun but it adds the perfect amount of texture to your winter decorating efforts.

One of my favorite ways to elevate a couch or bed is by adding texture and layers. On a couch, the layers will be throw pillows and blankets but they also function as the texture.

It’s an easy way to add texture to any couch or bed! A pillow like this is incredibly easy to make in only 15 minutes, and you can make it any color you want.

Figure out Spacing: Figure out how you want your pom poms spaced on your pillow cover. I chose to alternate a row of 4 with a row of 3.

How to Make the Pom Pom Throw Pillow Cover

Attach Pom Poms:  To attach the pom poms you have 2 choices – glue them on with fabric glue or a mini glue gun or sew them on. 

Add the Insert:  Stuff an insert into the pillow and call it a day! Tip: for an 18 x 18 cover use a 20 x 20 insert to create a fuller look

This is definitely a DIY project that anyone can do and even if you end up stitching on each pom pom, it won’t take you very long!