DIY Projects for the new homeowner

Jenna Kate at Home


Decorating & updating your first home can seem daunting

But there's a few simple DIY projects that even the most beginner DIYer can do in one weekend....that will transform your home for the better!

5 DIY Projects You Can Tackle This Weekend


Install new cabinet hardware in the kitchen or bathroom. Just unscrew and replace with new hardware that fits the existing holes.

Replace basic door knobs. Follow the instructions included... once you get the hang of the first one, the rest will be pretty quick.


Paint your front door a new color. Stay classic with black or choose a bright, bold color for instant character and curb appeal


Install new light fixtures. This may seem scary, but it's super easy to do! Take a photo of the existing wiring before disconnecting to help you connect the new fixture correctly.



Clean and seal grout and caulk in your bath or shower. Fresh and clean grout can completely transform an older bathroom! Steam clean grout on floors for extra points.

The Result

An vastly improved house that already looks so much better!

Voilá !