Easy Small Deck Decorating Ideas


Having a deck, whether small or large, is an amazing space to relax, entertain and enjoy all that your backyard has to offer.

I chose Behr’s Deck Over product. This resurfacing treatment sealed the wood as well as any paint chips and splinters, making it look (almost) brand new again. 

Restore a Deteriorated Deck

To make your space more inviting, it needs to be comfortable for you and for your guests. Don’t be afraid to add large elements when decorating your small deck. 

Decorate a Small Deck for Comfort

No outdoor living space is complete without appropriate lighting, especially when you decorate a small deck. We added overhead deck string lights, the soft glow creating a festive ambiance in our backyard haven. 

Light it Up

Perhaps you’ve noticed an underlying trend in my decorating style – there’s always a pop of blue! Of course, I could not resist purchasing a few large blue planters to add a splash of color to my deck decor.

Inject Personality into a Small Deck with Color

Even though you’re outdoors, don’t hesitate to add more greenery to decorate a small deck. It infuses color in an organic way, offsetting the brown tones of the deck wood and furniture that could make a small space feel smaller.

Decorate with Natural Elements

One of my favorite small deck decorating ideas is to showcase a beautiful outdoor rug.  It instantly defines this unique sitting area by making it feel more intimate and provides a barrier from the hard floor.  

Define the Area