How to Choose The Perfect Kitchen Backsplash


When updating or remodeling a kitchen, a backsplash is a major part of the final aesthetics of the kitchen.

While tile can be removed and new tile installed down the road, most of us want to choose a tile that we will love 5 – 10 years from now.

Pick A Tile You Can Live With For Years To Come

Choosing tile to match countertops is important for a few reasons. A mismatched backsplash can look tacky and unprofessional, like it’s there only because it was cheap.

Choosing Tile To Match Countertops

While the flooring isn’t nearly as important to match, since our new mudroom floor would be visible from the kitchen, I wanted it to flow and not look disjointed.

Don’t Forget to Consider Your Flooring

Marble has been around for centuries and still looks beautiful to me. It has so much variation in each piece of tile and it works with the overall cooler color scheme I have in my home.

Why I Chose Honed Marble Tile

This is really important to avoid sections that are darker and lighter – because the tile tends to be boxed similarly (you’ll find one box of all lighter, almost white tile and then another that’s all dark tile).

The Boxes of Tile Need to Be Mixed Prior to Installation

While choosing a grout color is partially dictated by the tile itself, it’s also personal choice.

How to Decide on a Grout Color