How to Choose The Perfect Kitchen Backsplash


Whether you prefer timeless styles like marble and subway tile, or something trendy like the popular hand crafted and glazed Moroccan tiles known as Zellige, there’s something for every budget and style.

If you’re dead set on something trendy, just know that you may not like it years from now. If you can live with that, then go for it!

Pick A Tile You Can Live With For Years To Come

Choosing tile to match countertops is important for a few reasons. A mismatched backsplash can look tacky and unprofessional, like it’s there only because it was cheap.

Choosing Tile To Match Countertops

While the flooring isn’t nearly as important to match, since our new mudroom floor would be visible from the kitchen, I wanted it to flow and not look disjointed.

Don’t Forget to Consider Your Flooring

The best tip is to look at the colors in the tile itself. Those will dictate what grout colors will work best.

How to Decide on a Grout Color

Sealing is actually very easy to do and can be re-done every six to 12 months to keep your marble backsplash looking its very best. To seal your marble backsplash make sure to use an impregnating sealer that’s compatible with marble.

How to Seal Marble Tiles

Your grout line size depends on the look you are trying to achieve and where it will be. Smaller grout lines help tile blend more seamlessly and require less cleaning

What’s The Best Grout Line Size for a Backsplash?