How to Create a Space Plan For Furniture Layout


Spacing planning is an essential part of designing a room that functions well. It doesn’t matter how beautiful a room looks if it cannot function for the intended purpose.

When thinking about designing your room, whether it be a living room, bedroom, office or any other space in your home, there are a few points to consider before starting to plan for furniture:

What is the purpose of the room. This may seem like an obvious question, but if your living room also needs to function as a playroom or office, that’s an important consideration.

Space Planning Considerations

This is important when choosing a color scheme but also in terms of what furniture and accessories you fill the room with.

Design Questions You Should Always Ask Yourself

There are two ways that I favor when creating a space plan. One is kind of old school, and uses graph paper. The other uses an online tool that may help you better visualize since it has a 3D option.

How to Create a Space Plan

On graph paper, draw out your room. To keep it simple, use simple scale of one square = 1 foot.

To Create a Room Layout on Graph Paper

This is my preferred method, since I can just plug in my room dimensions and go. The other added benefit is that you can see the space in both a 2d (top down/flat) format as well as a 3d format.

Use an Online Tool