How to Decorate a Living Room


Choosing a the right paint color can have a major impact on the look and feel of your room. If you’re having trouble with this, these living room paint ideas will help.

With newer, modern homes, the living room tends to be longer and narrower than the older styled counterparts. This style can confuse new home decorators and can often lead to areas looking out of proportion.

Creating Zones in a Large Living Room

It’s important to think about how the room needs to function before decorating, and if need be – figure out how to create distinct zones to serve those additional purposes.

Consider The Function of The Room

Decorating style is where your personality comes out and should be entirely up to you.You could be minimalist and modern and want clean lines, muted tones and no fuss.

Decorating Style

Once you have a clear understanding of your personal decorating style, the next step to decorating your living room is to decide on a color scheme. 

Color Scheme

The major difference between a living room that is decorated and a living room that is thrown together out of necessity is the way it is laid out.

Furniture Layout

Consider what the focal points of the room are, or what you would like them to be.

Select a Focal Point