How to Fluff an Artificial Christmas Tree


Correctly fluffing and shaping an artificial Christmas tree is the difference between it looking full and realistic, or cheap and fake. 

The difference between an artificial tree that looks fake and one that looks realistic is the effort you put into fluffing it. Done right, this may take upward of an hour, but you’ll have a beautifully full looking tree that you can enjoy in the weeks leading up Christmas.

- Gloves - Step Ladder or Step Stool

What You Will Need

It’s important to wear gloves when setting up an artificial Christmas tree. The branches will scratch up your hands and arms if you don’t.

How to Correctly Shape the Tree

Install the bottom section in the tree base, and start from there. When you have the majority of that section fluffed and fanned, attach the next section and work your way up.

Work on a single branch at a time. Separate the branches so that they are fully fanned out – one piece goes to the left, one to the right and then one sticks up.

Ensure you are not just working on the furthest out branches, but right in towards the center of the tree. By really fluffing these inner sections, you will create the most realistic looking tree.